DSC00621.jpgWhat we Are is already what we can ever Be.
What is ‘Looking’, is what we are looking for.

In order to find the Self that is ‘Looking’, we have to stop looking. Looking for ‘that’ which Is, is looking for some ‘thing’ other than the ‘Looking’. Looking for a ‘thing’is moving away from ‘what is Looking’. Since there is no ‘thing’ in the ‘Looking’, then we will never find such a ‘thing’, ever.

The ‘Looking’ stands by itself without any ‘thingness’ to It. To add the finite-ness of a ‘thing’ is to depreciate the eternity and timelessness of the ‘Looking’.

This type of degradation is a clear indicator of a trapped mind, that believes in limitation and separation as a beginning and end. False identity with these ideas is the guard that imprisons us in this unreality.

Understanding the hollowness of the ‘belief’ of Self as being a construct, is then having the ability to experientially ‘know’ that the construct is a pure manufacturing of reality, false reality. Self is a construct when we separate ourselves from Self as not being Us. The construct is a dumbing down of Reality and a denial of construct-less-ness of ‘Looking’ or “What Is”.

The true starting point is ‘Looking’ (Pure Awareness).

When we decline this starting point, we shut down our broader bandwidth and end up with a dial-up version of Reality. Construct cannot carry 10 to the 20th zero of “Pure Awareness”.

‘What is Looking’does not need any enhancements to increase It’s performance. It Is always full to the point of infinity. As ‘this’ is the Source, the beginning/end, It must be Seen first as our true identity. To start anywhere else, is to crash the server.

“I, the light of pure Knowing, never venture out of Myself in order to come into contact with a thought, sensation or perception. I always remain within Myself, and whatever I find in Myself is made only of Myself.” -Rupert Spira’

Looking’ is not conditional. Conditions are indigenous to things, states, experiences, and sensations. Seeking “What Is”is making an unconditional Self into a conditional self.

‘Looking’has nothing to load up as It always Is. Adding anything temporary to ‘It’ is a pretense of make believe. It is a virtual step backwards as far as functional access is concerned.

Understanding the built-in trap of ‘more looking’is also to understand that Consciousness, Pure Awareness, Looking, Is first and prior to every thing, period. Additionally, this understanding underscores the knowledge of already Being what we can ever Be.

Losing the faux importance of constructs and doership, facilitates the acceptance of “What Is”.

The ‘Looking’ is not seeking. It just Is. No conditions are necessary for this facilitation unless we (false self) demand them.

‘Looking’ is acceptance to the point of choice-less-ness. Any agenda or quantification of ‘Looking’ is to not really ’See’ the ‘Looking’.

This Iz Daddy’O


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