DSC00626Thoughts and thinking are prior to the manufacturing of false self. Without thoughts, the manufacturing comes to a halt. As soon as the process of manufacturing halts, then the appearance of the illusory self can no longer be sustained.

DSC00640The activity of manufacture or replication of the false self, is highly contingent on it’s constancy. When production stops, the illusion’s projection loses it’s false reality. ‘It’ disappears because ‘it’ never really existed in a ‘hard’ way.

The sustenance is/was the activity of affirming an illusion. Nothing was ever lost because, in Reality, nothing substantive was ever created. When the proverbial plug is pulled, game over.

DSC00634.jpgWithout the thoughts giving affirmation and without ‘Us’ lending Reality to the illusion, the obfuscation of false self, abruptly ends.

Thinking and untested believing, cement an amorphous self into a virtual reality. Conditioning, to include a collusion of socialization, compound the false entry. The creation then is given false presence as the originator of thoughts and the ‘thinker/owner’ of thoughts.

This quicksand sinks us into a ’stuck-ness’ that is unrelenting.

Furthermore, another trap is set. We ‘try’ to get out of our self-imprisoning morass by using the illusion as an escape vehicle. The escape vehicle is still the illusion. At this point, with these limitations, escape is not viable.

Viability comes in when the illusions are seen as illusory add-ons that perjure the Truth of Being. Thoughts, belief, and thinking, aid and abet the trance to continue.

The only way out is to See that We were never in, that is, in the illusion, because it was an illusion. The illusion cannot be rid of while being the illusion. Seeing that we are not the illusion, is the end of the illusion.

What is left is Beingness, which never ever left.

Losing the ownership of thoughts, losing the idea of a ‘doer’, thinker, see-er, and the phenomenological physical body, is releasing the chains of bondage of Self.

False self has thoughts as it’s progenitor. Thoughts have Awareness (Satchitananda) as it’s prior-ness. ‘This’ Prior-ness has no thing before it. It Is the no thing of infinite potential.

It Is the Knowing and Seeing that has no prior as It Is Eternity Itself.

Thoughts give rise to the ‘false actor’. When we stop owning thoughts and thoughts owning Us, we allow the falling into No-thing-ness.

DSC00655.jpgAt this point there may still be the appearance of two things. However, It Is Seen as ultimately the manifestation of Awareness. Awareness is everything, primarily first and last.

The Formlessness that Is Awareness is the ground that is no ground. This freedom allows everything to Be as It Is Everything.

Thoughts are very secondary to all ‘that’. Every object to include thought, arises in Awareness, as Awareness pervades all objects.

“It is only an imaginary inside self that seeks happiness in an outside object, other or world, whilst all the while I, the light of pure Knowing, abide eternally in the peace of my own Being.-Rupert Spira”

This shift in point of view is mark-ed and profoundly pivotal.

DSC00644We are the Prior-ness, always. We always were and will always Be ’That’.

This Iz Daddy’O

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