DSC00693.jpgAre we looking through illusion or are we looking through illusion? Is the same thing being asked?

Illusion is primarily a non-existence, except when We make it otherwise. When We make it so, we lend Our Reality to it. Otherwise illusion would mean nothing, in that it truly is a false appearance.

DSC00686.jpgHowever, lending Our Reality, gives it the taste of some ‘thing’. Lending Our Reality then presupposes that this ‘thing’ we seemingly taste, is ours.


Subsequent actions on ‘our’ part place a marker called ‘identity’ on this ‘thing’. And then, underscoring this whole process, is the foundation- less idea called ‘belief’. ‘Belief’ uses it’s inherent instability, to change what appears to be time. Time is manipulated to give ‘prior-ness’ to some ‘thing’ that came afterward.

Constant replication of ‘self’ must then be maintained, draining energy away from Freedom Itself. We have then become replicants, just like in the current movie “Bladerunner 2049”.DSC00681.jpgDSC00692.jpgDSC00690.jpgDSC00689.jpgDSC00682.jpg

In the movie, the protagonist is a replicant with a false memory installed that becomes deterministic in charting a search for this false self. Before ‘believing’ in this memory, the replicant had no interest in the childhood memory because he was never a child.DSC00683.jpg

(Spoiler alert!!!) Later, when faced with irrefutable facts, the replicant reverses his course. The metaphor is apt and alive with our own process of imprisonment

“To believe that our Self – luminous, open, empty Awareness – shares the limits and the destiny of the mind and body is like believing that the screen shares the limits and the destiny of a character in a movie.” -Rupert Spira

The process itself, is imperative to ’See’, in that it reveals the scam. Not ’Seeing’ the process, is succumbing to the manipulation.

When we look through the manipulated illusion, we can never see clearly, the trap; because making the illusion real, by looking through it, is the trap.

When we realize that participating in the illusion, to the point of actually looking through it, we realize our complicity in the process.

The illusion is dead. It was never alive with ‘aliveness’ nor could it ever be alive with ‘aliveness’.

The ‘self’ we ‘think’ we are/were, was never really there, except as an illusion. It’s lifelessness was truly lifelessness.

Life hides from everything, by being in plain sight, as Everything. No ‘thing’ or one, is necessary for
the aliveness of Life, to happen.

Separation as an object is essentially separation as an object, with Life still happening, undeterred.

To install an artificial ‘self’, in order for Life to have an impact on some ‘thing’, is creating an unnecessary illusion for an illusory goal.

That is not Reality, nor can Reality be Seen through that illusion.

Seeing through the illusion, as being illusion, is not an illusion. Seeing through the illusion and believing the false appearance of illusion, is illusion.

The illusion cannot course life as it has no substance. The aliveness of Life has no boundaries and no limitations. Illusions are contracted and bound to a false claim that has no substance.

When we ‘claim’ a state or thingness, we separate to an illusory self. Life does not need illusion to substantiate Itself. Claiming is part and parcel of replication.

Being has no need to claim, as It Is “What Is”, always.

Where We look from and what is ‘looking’, are considerations that allow freedom from illusion, helping to See what We Are not. Being a replicant is really not being alive.

This Iz Daddy’OIMG_1580.JPG


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