GP2C1122When we course the false self, we limit Our Self. Do we even know when we course the false self? Surely the false self does not know? Only knowing the process that is going on, will tell us what the false self is doing.

From the perspective of the false self there is only imprisonment in the false self. The false self can never get out of the false self due to it’s own limitations limiting it, by design. How could it be otherwise?

GP2C1134.jpgLeaving an illusion would be the same as leaving the false self. Experiencing false self as illusion is enough to stop the misidentity .

Thought reinforces the ‘idea’ of this illusory self. Only relying on thought is convenient for the replication of the false self.

Thought is not bad, only limited. To not get past thought, is to be stuck in the phenomenal when all there really is Formlessness acting in temporary form. The action is life streaming through Formless energy. Formlessness is being the backdrop to every thing, even thoughts.

Thoughts of identity, are no more than thoughts, like any other thoughts. Thinking we are ‘doing’ thinking is still a thought. Limiting ourselves to thoughts automatically limits our consciousness. Seeing the context of thought opens up the greater view. The ‘context’ is unchanging. Thoughts come and go, never staying.

Only when We See the process of being stuck in an exclusive thought world, can we See the distortion that is birthed with consequent attachment to thoughts/identity/belief.

GP2C1104.jpgDifferentiating which ‘process’ we are going to acknowledge as Real, is deterministic on our quality of consciousness.

Thoughts are things that echo transitory phenomena. Referencing ‘thinking’ first as a primary modality, is investing in the phenomenon.

GP2C1116.jpgThe depth of Being is acknowledging Everything as Being first and always. Referencing ‘Being ’first and primary, is having perspective on self. Perspective is obtained by not automatically falling into the rut of conditioning.

When we fall out of the perfectly safe airplane and realize there is no chute, we understand that there is no ‘thing’ or ‘place’ that can offer safe harbor because that is not how the Universe works. The Universe is the falling.

The fallin’, the Universe offers, is no attachment to things like parachutes. Life just streams and we move as the Universe moves, as We Are the Universe. The failsafe in jumping without a chute, is that there is no ground. The ‘no ground’ is Eternity. Eternity has no ‘thing’ like ground in It.

GP2C1130.jpgBy dropping the ‘me’ and the ‘mine’, we See the illusion and the nonsense of faux control. The ground (phenomena) is also an illusion. But that illusion is convincing with 1st class pixelation.

Every Moment we are either bound or fallin’. When we are bound, we need to See it. And the more attachment we have to the binding, the more we are stuck. Losing the ’seeming’ parachute’, is losing the binding and accepting the fall.

We are not the doer, the thinker, the feeler, the actor, or any sort of role or thing. We just Are life happening. We are a groundlessness flowing freely in an autonomous vehicle that has no driver. The perspective is 360 degrees of vision or, no perspective.

We don’t own our personal vehicle as we don’t own any thing. We don’t need to own any thing because We Are Everything. Owning things presupposes an ‘other’. Fact is, the ‘other’ is false as well as the insane activity of ‘owning’.

GP2C1121.jpg“Give your mind to whatever comes and goes, but give your heart to that which remains always with you.” -Rupert Spira

There is no ‘me’ there or anywhere. Freedom is already Present Now without any assistance from any ‘things’, to include ideas.

This Iz Daddy’O

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