The message arrives, or arises, and we presumably hear it. But the message is not necessarily the most imperative piece of the operationalization of information. The message often falls flat and does not deliver the help that is intended, when in the sending of the message, the ‘hearer’ hears the message.

When the ‘hearer’ hears the message, the message is already compromised. It is like an interloper stole the message and walked away with it, without the recipient having any benefit. Where did this interloper come from and why did it steal the message?

The interloper is ‘us’ in the form of fictitious self that always does what it does. False self replicates itself constantly by stealing even the most spiritual material, if given access, in order to stay seemingly alive.

Unknowingly, we spin our wheels in seeking to ameliorate our life situation with means that appear skillful and employment of higher concepts, etc. This alone, is not enough. Moreover, the most critical piece in arriving at profound change, is not in hearing the message per se. The message itself is useful only if heard by the correct recipient.



The illusory self, the self that really does not exist, cannot process the message due to it’s critical limitation of being ‘thought produced’. The message is meant for what is ‘prior’, not for ‘that’ that is ‘after’. What is ‘after’ is not real and cannot access the ‘knowing’ that is prior. It is akin to wanting to contact (message) the producer of a film and then unskillfully sending the message to the movie. The movie is cool and all that, but it is highly inappropriate for processing the content of the messaging.

When the ‘movie’ gets the spiritual message, like “Lose the doer”, it starts pushing the ‘doer’ out. The push-out occurs by the actual ‘doer’ that is trying to get rid of the ‘doer’. The ‘message’ was obviously claimed and processed by the party that is the ‘doer’, which in this reference is the ‘movie’. The bottom line is that we are now thoroughly stuck in a bad movie we directed.

When we force ‘losing the doer’, we give life to illusion. The ‘doer’ is already fictitious. Any acknowledgement by pushing away, is giving further reality to ‘doership’, and is only extending the falseness of mis-identity.

GP2C1139.jpgHow is the message being heard? How is it that we can hear the message differently? Is there any ‘doing’ in hearing the message appropriately?

Just knowing that the message can be easily and routinely compromised, is an immediate alert, to something that is wrong with the communication. Something must be different, in what we are doing or not doing, in order to get the message to the right party.

The ‘right’ party is not located in thought, phenomena, or the movie. The ‘doer’ is obviously located in thought and phenomena and the movie. And the ‘movie’ is compelling (as it should be) but that too is only phenomena. The producer is not located in the ‘movie’ because the ‘producer’ is prior to the production of the ‘movie’, prior to thought and all other phenomena expressed in the movie.

What is ‘Seeing’ the movie? First, there is no ‘what’. There is no ‘thing’. What is left over from the subtraction of things and phenomena, is ‘Is’. ‘Is’ is the knowing, seeing, being without any ‘thingness’. The ‘thingness’ is only necessary for appropriate/inappropriate replication of illusion. The ‘producer’ cannot be found in phenomena. But the ‘producer’ is the producer of phenomena or illusion (movie).

Seeing the movie is seeing what the producer produced. Communication with the producer is allowed when we stop looking in the movie and realize, with ‘Seeing’, the backdrop of ‘nothingness’ is the producer. This is where all great films come from. The Silence is the screen, is the producer, is the Nothingness.

Seeing ‘where’ the message goes, is just as important, if not more so, than hearing the message. The leading edge is ‘how the message is heard’. Any assumptions here, are usually poor choices of conditioning. Knowing who the recipient is, by Seeing who the recipient isn’t, is key to getting the message across to the proper identity. To gloss over this critical juncture, is to continue to sleep through the movie and not wake up to whom produced the movie, that is, Nothingness and Everything.

GP2C1142.jpgThis Iz Daddy’O




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