DSC00713 copy.jpgAwareness Is. Existence Is. Being-ness Is.

Ultimately, Awareness is not a phenomenal appearance on the stage of life. Awareness Is the stage and the life of life.

Awareness also Is the seemingly phenomenal, as It Is both Everything and Nothing.

Nisargadatta said, “When I look inside and see that I am nothing, that is wisdom.
When I look outside and see that I am everything, that is love.
And between these two, my life turns.”

DSC00723.jpgDirectionality for the ubiquitousness of Reality is akin to infinite radii in a circle. In other words directionality is everywhere at once as ‘It’ Is not only local, but non-local, as well as phenomenal.

DSC00730.jpgThere is no in or out, or here or there. The directionality is Presence everywhere as it is the no-thing container of subject/object as well as unity consciousness. The distinctions are indistinct, as Awareness has no finiteness.

DSC00724.jpgWhen we push the proverbial false self into action, we choose to pull in more limitation. When we ‘see’ as self, we look out of our eyes and seek to receive what is out there. This type of ’seeing’, is the grasping type, that is looking for fulfillment from the outside world, from an inside world.

DSC00734.jpgDividing the ‘world into outside/inside is clearly a limitation. Awareness does not divide itself nor is there even any need to divide Self. Any divisions are dualistic.

Separation is another definition for false self, as Reality is never two. False self has to replicate continually to sustain it’s falseness. Separation can never really stand straight, as there never is any thing (self) there nor ever was any thing (self) there. Separation steals illusory space to create a time-based structure in a timeless Universe.

DSC00736.jpgHow we ‘see’ the Universe is reflective of our position in the Universe. If we locate in the phenomenal, we, by our limited nature, must grasp at the straws that our programming determines. Our free will in this condition, is analogous to free will in a dream. The limitation of our little box puts a ceiling on growth.

Conversely, when we locate in the effortless Awareness of Being, we source unlimited programming that reflects expansion and a unified field of Awareness. How we ‘see’, is changed.

DSC00731.jpgWhen we look out of our human eyes, the integrated energy that is looking is, by It’s nature, is not grasping, pushing, or demanding from the seeming environment. Contentment and equanimity are more characteristic of an identity no longer associated with a deficits and neediness. The Fullness of Emptiness does not allow the body (the vehicle) to influence It’s non-conditionality.

DSC00737.jpgEverything comes to Awareness as it Is Awareness that Is Everything. Grasping or pulling or pushing has no standing in the spaciousness of Awareness.

Contraction of limitation or directionality, is only seemingly there in the movie of the mind. The ‘screen’ is never affected in the least.

Awareness goes nowhere. How or why, would it need to go anywhere or do anything? The ‘Isness’ is always complete and full and permanent. This is the Peace that effortlessly abides in the Silence and Emptiness of Everything.

DSC00733.jpgFurthermore, there is no free will in self because there is no self. There is no-one there to have anything or go anywhere.

The non-phenomenal knowledge of Self is beauty, love, truth, and peace. That Is Us Now. And if we can’t see it, it is because ‘It’ Is Seeing, effortlessly already without a need for an object.

All directions are here Now as we fall through the Infinite Space going nowhere and Being Everywhere.

This Iz Daddy’O

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