GP2C1162.jpgCan you hear the Silence now? Listening to Silence cannot be perceived by thought. The Now cannot be perceived by thought. There are no objective qualities that the mind can perceive in Silence and/or Now-ness. ’No objective qualities’ means that there is no ‘thing’ there. Meaning, mind hit it’s limit of understanding. Mind can only understand ‘things’.

There is no ‘other’ except the illusory one we create through thinking and conditioning.

GP2C1168.jpgThinking presupposes a thinker per the mind. But the thinker cannot control the thought. Thoughts are independent of the thinker because the thinker is just a thought with no other call to existence. Illusion is believing there is an actual ‘thinker’.

GP2C1161.jpg‘Doing’ is what the mind says through thought and subsequent action. Because we are the body, we are the ‘doer’, so says thought. The ‘doer’ is an illusion doing the illusory. How can it be otherwise?!

Moreover, there is no ‘to whom’ in ‘What’s happening’. We believe that we are the doer and do the doing, in ‘What’s happening’. We literally then ’tell’ ourselves that we are fully responsible for ‘What happened’.

GP2C1167.jpgIn view of the fact that we are constantly mis-perceiving Reality, by only focusing on one radii of an infinite array, we miss most of ‘What happened’. But belief carry us a long way.

Self-talk operates in the construct called time. The Now, however, is ‘full on’ and needs no time or false self.
The ‘doer’ claims the doing when it had no existence and nothing to do with the doing of what happened. How deep has our illusory self taken us?

GP2C1160.jpgBelieving thoughts, as us, causes suffering to take place. Thinking we are the thought voice inside is supporting a failed system of transacting life as ‘It Is’ with the poor alternative of accepting life as it should be.

GP2C1163.jpgThe voice of thoughts and forms is made visible by thought’s characteristic unstableness and rapid impermanence. The observed perseveration is part of the ongoing replication necessary for the illusory to be maintained. If thoughts didn’t keep coming and coming up with the maintenance of a false self, then it’s ruse would be at risk.

Just ‘recall’ or watch now, how many thoughts are totally useless. 70,000 thoughts per day and very little utility realized. Imagine the burden of this pestilence being stilled. The inner transaction of self-talk, has as it’s basis, these useless thoughts. The self-talk is akin to walking the thought out with inner vocalization (and sometimes ‘outer’ vocalization).

GP2C1165 (1) copy.jpgDo we disappear when there are no thoughts? What Is Present when there are or are not, thoughts arising?

Presence never leaves, takes up no space, and gives space to every thing. This Presence is the ‘priorness’, the Silence, that is always complete and full.

To ‘think’ that we have to continue to talk to a ‘thing’ called self, is to aid and abet the creation of illusory self. When there is no ‘other’ then there is no need for an other. The default to no inner voice that chatters, is the Silence that Knows and can’t be known, especially as a ‘thing’.

The ‘Knowing’ already knows every thing as It Is the source of knowledge, sacred and ephemeral. To suggest that a ‘knower’ needs to come between reality and the Knowing, is to not understand (experientially) the ‘Knowing’. Creating more degrees of phenomena does nothing to bring us closer to the Source. We are ‘That’ already.

The Silence that cannot be heard, the Now that can never leave, and the Here that always will Be, Is Us, Is ‘What Is happening’. Intermediaries are an affront to the Vastness and ubiquity of existential Beingness. See ’That’ without having the lesser vehicle of ‘thought’ presupposing it’s correctness and priorness.

“I, Awareness, never become a separate self, and the imaginary separate self never becomes Me.” -Rupert Spira

Silence Is. It cannot be plumbed by the unconsciousness of Monday morning quarterbacking. The field of Emptiness Knows only Itself. Talk is cheap. Be the Now, Here, and See the Silence always Present.

GP2C1158 copy.jpgThis Iz Daddy’O

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