GP2C1198Thoughts though, are considered the problem.

Considering thoughts to be a problem, is a problem. Thoughts are temporary phenomena with an immediate expiration date. They never last. They are never exactly the same. They change constantly even when they are saying the same essential thing.

There is generally an enormous quantity of thoughts, often overwhelming us, in that any peace we may have, will have been taken up by these pesty thoughts. There doesn’t seem to be any peace because of the ‘pushing’ quality of thoughts.

Thoughts most often do not even contain content that is relevant to Now. Thoughts, generally, have a persistence to indulge in past or future issues that seemingly are important to us. Thoughts are clearly strongest in their influence in the timezones of ‘not Now’.

GP2C1189It appears that there is no time ’Now’ to not give to thoughts.

GP2C1178Why have ‘thoughts’, in our personal history, presented us with so many needy petitions?! Does this enslavement to thoughts and their immediate needs, have to continue (ad infinitum)? Who is in charge?

Of course, pushing thoughts away only compounds the issue. Pushing cannot be the solution.

GP2C1187The question that is not being asked is the question that must be asked, to metaphorically pull the carpet out from the standing throng of thoughts.

On whose behest are the thoughts important enough to steal the majority of our bandwidth?

When thoughts are the issue, then the answer is ‘the thoughts’. If ‘the thoughts’ were not the issue, then the answer to “Whose behest”, would be the Nothingness of Awareness.

GP2C1192In order for the proper answer to be ‘this’ ‘Nothingness’ then there must be a starting and end point in ‘this’ ’Nothingness’. There must be a constancy of Being this ‘Nothingness’, that puts ‘thoughts’ in their proper perspective.

The key for the proper ‘behest-ing’ lies in proper identity.

GP2C1179The thought that ‘I’ am the one who is Conscious is catering to a fictitious identity i.e. a thing. Whereas Consciousness is only conscious, with no necessity of thought or imaginary identity whatsoever.

Consciousness is always before any thought. Thoughts of identity are manufactured constantly due to the impossibility of a thought ever becoming any thing other than a thought. Consciousness is freed, by it’s nature, from thought, due to thought being a product of Consciousness.

Identity is a product of the thought system and thereby cannot get out of this system because identity and the thought system are essentially the same.

GP2C1184Using the thought system to get out of the thought system is CERTAIN failure. How could it be otherwise?!

What is using the thought process to bind us in this cyber prison, is the activity of belief that we are what we think. When we believe the thoughts are ours, the ‘m’ and ‘y’ show up and the thoughts then own us. That slavery is wholly contingent on belief in the ‘m’ and ‘y’.

If we did not react, own, follow, or limit ourselves to superficial thinking, thinking and thoughts would not own us.

Seeing the illusion of a mere thought containing our working identity, is the beginning of the end in the mis-identification.

Identification with thought assumes a volition, a choice in what is thought and who is in control of thought. This assumption is wildly delusional. The idea that we are in control means that we are before thought resulting in a doer, thinker, feeler, etc.

GP2C1188Thought is the vehicle that contains the erroneous identity. Again, thought cannot get out of thought even if it believes it is beyond thought, because it still is only thought. Amen.

GP2C1172I cannot be ‘that’, that needs to be liberated, as I am liberated always, regardless of the time construct of ‘before’ or ‘after’.

We cannot get to where we already Are. The unnecessary effort would cause a push on the ‘Effortlessness’ that would cause separation.

We Are happening in the Now with no volition necessary in seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, smelling. Acceptance of “What Is” Is effortlessly Now, with thoughts having their appearance as secondary to the Unacquired Knowledge of Being.

For Consciousness to push against the phenomena of thoughts that It has created, is unnecessary. Ergo, thoughts are not a problem when We Source the Source of Prior-ness.

“The discovery that peace, happiness and love are ever-present within our own Being, and completely available at every moment of experience, under all conditions, is the most important discovery that anyone can make.” -Rupert Spira

Love the Love, Daddy’O


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