GP2C1204From what perspective is this statement being made? Is there a ‘to whom’ that is present and that needs to accept the delivery of love? Which ‘nothing’ are we talking about? What definition of ‘love’ do we consider valid?

It is just so much more convenient to take our ‘old’ tried and true perspective and understanding of concepts, than it is to challenge the staid. Yes?

GP2C1206.jpg’Nothing’ can be referred to as the concept of
everything-ness. Or it can be referred to as ‘no thing-ness’. Or it can be referred to as a non-matter. At all the above levels it is just a ‘concept’.

Experiencing, and subsequent ‘knowingness’ of ‘nothing’, reshapes our relationship with ‘nothing’ and ‘everything’. ‘Our’ relationship to ‘nothing’ can be consequential as subject/object or it can be “Beingness’ with a non-dual Taoistic knowing.

Words can give an automatic-like separation from actual reality. Words cannot be taken too seriously. More serious, that is, more accurate, is experiential understanding as it can know the depth of ‘Everything/Nothing’, Love and Peace, far beyond conceptual superficiality.

For instance, ’nothing to give’, presupposes the giver and receiver. The separation is apparent and divided into two ideas -giver & receiver. Whereas in Reality, beyond the limitation of words/ideas, it Is this ‘Space’ that allows giving/receiving to take place. This ‘Space’ is Love, where allowance and acceptance of all is first, without the need for further division.

There is ‘nothing’ to give because there is no ‘need’ to give, as giving is what is happening constantly. The “Nothingness’ is not a thing like Christmas gifts, we can run out of. Ergo, ’Nothingness’ is ‘Everything’ that gives tirelessly.

GP2C1205.jpgThis open-ended-ness is the full acceptance of the impossibility of breaking down ’Nothingness’ into some thing seemingly more substantive. More substantive, would mean that we would declare ’Nothingness’ an object. Acceptance is the realization that objectification is futile as far as ‘real’ acceptance of ‘Nothingness’ is concerned.

GP2C1207.jpgAcceptance is not listening to concepts or making concepts out of no-thing-ness. Acceptance is Love and open-ness to not finding meaning and definition for mind. There is no place to hold on to. ‘It’ Is a constant falling through infinite space.

Nothing/Everything is Love. Beliefs are conceptual modulations that need to be seen as unnecessary ‘things’. Beliefs are contractions that are often replaced with other contractions (or beliefs). Open-ness/Acceptance/Nothingness/Everything Is Love. How could it be otherwise?

 We realize that we can not love any ‘thing’ because We Are Love without demarcation into this or that. Once we invest identity into things called this or that, we disconnect from Ourselves and obscure through effort, the Effortlessness.

GP2C1209.jpgEverything is Us. Once we separate and say we love this and that, we value separation more than the unity of the fullness of Love itself. The ‘fullness’ of Love has no separation, as that separation would no longer be Love.

Love, that nothing can be loved, as it Is Love Itself. Be ‘that’.

GP2C1199.jpgLove the Love, Daddy’O

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