GP2C1237The conceptual self is always originating from the ‘from’. The ‘from’ bespeaks identity as thought and the thinker -all because of the orientation of conceptual self as concept.

GP2C1221.jpgConceptually born illusions can only reside in illusory states. To come from another orientation other than concept, or in other words, ’from’ an idea, is religious bigotry to the conceptual self. It basically is worshipping the devil, to admit, that we ‘think’ we are, this illusory demon. This is the trap.

The discernment begins with the acknowledgement that conceptual self is conceptual self. Becoming a concept is an activity that abides in the belief that ‘our’ thoughts are imperative, at least as far as identity is concerned. “Our’ thoughts or thoughts labeled as coming from a fictional ‘me’, essentially own us. They own us because their importance prompts us to act because our identity is at stake. It is presumably to our peril to ignore ‘our’ thoughts.

So we ‘think’.

Error. Our conceptual self is a thought/concept. Thoughts do not have endurance or extended life other than just a few minutes. Repetition seemingly gives continuity. Core idea here is that thoughts are just thoughts/concepts.

However, belief in identity strengthens thoughts into a somewhat coherent illusion. Again the basis of the illusion is a fleeting thought constantly multiplied.

When a repetitive thought arises and we believe in it, we are essentially being birthed FROM the thought. Our conceptual self originated from it’s mother, an amorphous thought. Sounds morbid.

This orientation of ‘from’ is major in that it yields a binding, that superglues a proverbial ‘us’, into a conceptual base. So when we say that we are acting ‘from’ our thoughts, we tacitly admit that we have a very limited, self-initiated deterministic binding, to a fictitious conceptual self.

Affirmation of the illusion persists in that ‘more’ thoughts lock in this binding because, they too, are ‘from’ thought itself.

The ‘orientation’ is a key piece in imprisonment of Self by self, through the misunderstanding of where our Source is located. If we continually go to the wrong address of ‘from’ thoughts, we will continually arrive at the wrong location. Can we do (or Be) better?

GP2C1212.jpgThoughts are certainly not where the Here and Now abides. However, whenever we realize that we do not have to abide in a conceptual lock-down, then we will no longer go to that address.

Thoughts will arise, period. Understanding that ‘we’ do not come or originate ‘from’ concepts is helpful.
Instead of coming ‘from’ thoughts, we experientially ‘get’ that it is an ‘at’ thing. We see the thoughts. We look ‘at’ them. There is no ownership that is taking place because not only because a concept cannot own a concept, but there is a realization that ‘We’ are not thought-based i.e. no ‘from’.

But that is what has happened when we attached ‘m’ and ‘y’ of ‘our’ to thoughts. Still the fact remains, no-one can control which thoughts will arise. Thoughts just happen. How we orient to ‘that happening’ of thoughts, changes the game.

If we see the futility of ownership of thoughts by orientation, we are left with Seeing thoughts as thoughts with no belief or identification necessary to process them. We can look ‘at’ thoughts without reaction or remorse. And then choose to act or not.

GP2C1220.jpgThe conceptual self, as long as it is still believed in, will resist, demanding the importance of thoughts to our presumed essential nature. Which then leaves us, again, orienting from concepts.

Moving out from concepts has already happened, believe it or not. The Presence is Present Now. It cannot be denied in that ‘It’ really never left. One’s current existence, right now, cannot be denied. That existence has always been Present. ’That’ is the starting point and endpoint, because in Reality It is the same point.

Thoughts are ‘things’ we can look ‘at’. They cannot define us except in a superficial conceptual way. See ‘that’ which we can look ‘at’, as an idea, not as an identity. Mis-identity looks ‘from’ thoughts. Looking ‘at’ thoughts just as mere thoughts, has no mis-identity misappropriated.

There is no ‘identity’ in Presence as ‘It’ Is not a thing that can be perceived. Thoughts can be perceived. Thoughts cannot be perceiving. Perceiving is the domain of existential Presence. There is no looking ‘at’ Presence. There is just being Presence Being. This is where both the ‘from’ and ‘at’ cannot abide. There Is no subject/object in the prior-ness and ‘Is-ness’ of Perceiving.

“I, the light of pure Knowing, am the experiencing in all experience.” -Rupert Spira

How we look at phenomena can be deterministic on how we orient to Self. Discerning ‘outside’ the box can be revelatory, if indeed we having only been living inside limitation itself.

GP2C1222.jpgLove the Love, Daddy’O

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