GP2C1247Our personal history is viewed as actionable, in that it has a vital consideration in guiding us directly from the ‘past’. Our personal history, however, is often not viewed as irrelevant narrative, at least as far as identity is concerned.

When considering the ‘body’, our vehicle for expression of the infinite, we summarily default to ‘it’ when retrieving the ‘past’ for relevance. Conversely, we would have an untenable time looking for ‘spirit’ when heralding past milestones. The ‘body’ is an easy predisposing for illusion. Hiding an imaginary conceptual self in the body gives a good cover for a “presumed non-existing entity”.

The ‘body’ and identity, go well together in that both are extremely temporary and secondary to whom we really Are.
Illusion has a ‘foil’ for creating a ‘doer’, ‘thinker’, ‘see-er’, and or ‘perceiver’ vis-a-vis the body. But, considering the above, where did ‘We’ go when this charade took hold and rewrote the identity ‘thing’?

GP2C1253.jpgGP2C1254.jpg‘We’ never left during this ongoing charade of characters that were basically stories, that ‘We’, Reality, gave life to. Spoiler alert. Pinnochio was not real. ‘We’ Are always Here eternally.

GP2C1249.jpgThe ‘wooden’ self we created, with Our Reality, is just that, ‘wooden’. Our personal ‘Pinnochio’ has a different name, address, and personal story, but it doesn’t matter for ‘us’ or ‘Pinnochio’, because neither entity has Reality, period.

GP2C1251.jpgIn this very Moment, in the immediacy of Now, We Are. That is the end of the story, because truly there never really was anything but a story, given to a body through thought, personalization, and a repetitive mental process of ‘m’ and ‘y’.

We have hijacked an innocent body and we have undermined Ourselves, by giving away our happiness and freedom, to a ‘wooden’ dummy that can never achieve actualization, no matter how committed it appears to be ‘doing’.

As long as we are ‘doing’ rather than ‘effortlessly Being’, we are giving away Ourselves to the ‘doer’, the ‘thinker’, etc.

History is always Now. History is in timelessness first, unborn, and then re-birthed and reconfigured in a linear time model. When we access our conceptual self, we access a longitudinal timeline, going back into history and forward in imaginary realities.

When We access Ourselves (which never really left the premises), We access Reality first, with ‘history’ as a permutation/modulation of eternity. The Blu-Ray movie has always been complete. We are just stuck in a part of the script we recognize as ‘time’.

GP2C1248.jpgSticking an artificial false identity into the ‘happening and movement of life’, we miss the ‘happening’. The ‘happening’ is never not Now. Happening is defined by ’Now’, as ’Now’ is defined by ‘happening’. Seemingly stopping ‘happening’, is to herald the staid-ness of ‘history’.

To herald history as definition of Self is to miss Self. Self is not even a completed movie, because Self never stops happening. The ‘movie’ or the ‘narrative’ of self, however, does stop eventually (after millions of iterations). Small self is a Pinnochio-like story that never really existed and certainly has no permanence.

GP2C1239.jpgOur experiential knowledge can lend credibility to our permanence and also lend credibility to the parts of ourselves that have no permanence. ‘History’ is always, paradoxically, viewed in the Moment of Now. Is our action, ‘reaction’ when ’seeing’ history? Or is it just ‘action’, in that what is happening, is given favor to preside fully in the Now without the resistance of a ‘should be’.

GP2C1261.jpgWhat Is happening never stops It’s happening. Identity as ‘happening’ recognizes history as dreamt while the dreaming never stops. There is no dreamer, just dreaming, just Being.

GP2C1260Love the Love -Daddy’O

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