When we have tried so hard for so long, and realize that we have essentially ended up in the same place we started -that is ‘nothing’.

GP2C1267.jpgWe then realize that we would have been better off not going through dramatic struggles, late nights, and the tension of constantly ‘trying’ to Become. But rather, our energies would see that accepting life, is far easier rather than trying to change life by essentially putting ‘it’ in neat little boxes.

Further realization, is that this is ‘the’ starting point anyway. Still, even if we convincingly saw the need to not struggle, we would have rebuffed any efforts from others to stop us from struggling. Belief (untested hypotheses) would have blasted us through any sensible introspection. Identity, with conceptual self, the belief that sustains, in addition to the efforts lost if we fail, only nail us down further on this well-worn path to nowhere.

GP2C1270.jpgNothingness is the starting point as it is the endpoint. The problem with entertaining and having an illusory conceptual self, is the further corruption of additional targets. “Good” concepts like attainment of spirituality, become a virtual treadmill that cannot get us moved past where we are right now. Coming from strong conditioning, the self cannot have the free will to see it’s entrapment, because ‘it’ (conditioning) is still making the decisions (seemingly) through the same self-stuck illusory entity, no matter how noble the path seems.

GP2C1263.jpgConceptual selves can only look for conceptual things because of the ceiling of being ‘things’. Staying at the ‘thing’ level while trying to leave ‘things’, is the issue.

‘Things’ cannot be brought into ‘Nothingness’ as ‘things’ cannot be ‘happening’. ‘Things’ are a dead end.

What is ‘happening’ is never a ‘thing’. ‘Things’ are seemingly present after what is ‘happening’. Or, ‘happening’ is prior to ‘things’. Either way we see it, we can only take it as ‘It’ as ‘It’ ’Is’.

In other words, we are trying to make a noun out of verbs, when there are only verbs and definitely no nouns in Self. “What Is” is verb-ing. What isn’t is noun-ing. The ‘verb-ing’ or Beingness never stops Being. What we are ‘doing’ in attainment, is a noun noun-ing, trying to become a verb verbing.

GP2C1264.jpgThe mismatch of this failed process of attainment is certain failure, especially if the impossibility of success is not seen. The solution is that we are not things or nouns looking for other nouns. Losing the ‘idea’ that we are a stagnant idea (fully free from conditioning and belief), leaves us with verb-ing and Being, as this ‘happening’ never stopped ‘happening’ anyway. Imposters of limited ideas overlay the ‘happening’ of Being, losing access but never losing Being Itself.

GP2C1271.jpgNo-thing and nothing in particular are needed or could be attained, despite heroic efforts of will and fictitious beliefs, to engender Self. “What Is” can never leave It’s eternity. ‘It’ can never be found because it never was lost. And ‘It’ never was a thing.

GP2C1266.jpgDelusion says otherwise. Reality posits the starting point as no-thing or no noun and ‘that’ process stays noun-less eternally. Delusion adds nouns to verbs, when verb-ing is truly noun-less. Losing the delusion is seeing through our true no-noun status of Being (or verbing or happening) Now. At no time (eternally) can a noun be added to Self. ’That’ equation does not compute.

The eternal ’happening’ needs no content, stops for no content, yet holds all content without any sullying of Beingness.

Once seen that ’Nothing’ Is the starting/end point, then the restructuring of wasted energies can be used for natural awakening to “What Is Present Now”. The ‘pushing’ cannot be found in ’Nothingness’ as there is nothing to push against. The understanding of Acceptance can be then understood to Be. The no timezone of timelessness can abide, as past and future have lost their luster and attractiveness, to the Fullness of Now.

When there is ’Nothing’ to attain, there is nothing to do in the seeking sense of doing. ‘Doing’ functionally occurs only after Beingness and not before. Beingness informs the ‘doing’. The ‘doing’ can never inform the Beingness.

GP2C1265.jpgPresence Is Beingness fully on, always, always happening with ‘nothing’ that happened. The ‘dream’ is a dream with no need for a dreamer. Just dreaming is enough.

Confusion always arises when we knee-jerk to needing a ‘thing’ or a doer. The point is, the doer is imaginary. It Is only the ‘doing’, perceiving, experiencing, happening that happens. Any content is ultimately moot.
“Don’t be an inside self, listening to an outside sound; just be the hearing. Don’t be an inside self, seeing an outside world; just be the seeing.” -Rupert Spira

Forgetting Self is analogous to worshipping content. Content is ‘nothing’ that merits any attachments or concerns. Leaving content is gaining Self. Self Is eternal and is content-less. Nothingness abides.

One cannot experience what is happening because what is happening Is Us. Nothingness allows.

GP2C1269.jpgLove the Love, Daddy’O

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