When we believe we are some ‘thing’, then we are the ‘content’. And that is enough to separate and limit Our Limitless-ness.

Content is phenomena that presumes a thinker of thoughts, a feeler of feelings, and a doer of tasks. The ‘one’ whom presumably does these activities, is just more phenomena, eventually morphing into a false identity.

Identity-making is an ongoing project that never can stop because it never really gets completed.

GP2C1284.jpgThe activity of replication, by it’s nature, is necessary to sustain this illusion, without any real sustenance except Us, giving ‘it’, reality.

The giving of Reality can only be given by Reality. Illusion is seemingly illusion because We have the innate capacity to ‘forget’ Whom We Are. Essentially, We are suspending Our belief by pretending to believe a fictional narrative.

GP2C1292.jpgThe ‘story’ We tell Ourselves is a ‘story’ much like a Cinderella that is looking for her lost shoe. It is only a story and nothing was ever lost or found. It appears that is always more fun to believe in a fairy tale than accept the reality of Reality.

Identifying with the character, makes it so. With belief as the accessory to the crime of identity theft, the structure of a mental edifice, appears at the rate of 70,000 thoughts every day. This is quite a structure to upend when seen from the view of self getting out of self.

The ‘shift’ out from Boundlessness to confinement in a stifling little container called ‘self’, starts after approximately 36 months of age. The beliefs and structures are nursed on a daily basis till adulthood and beyond. Our worldview is established and confirmed by linear time and the continual pre-supposition and struggle of self to be.

Changing our ‘view’ would be compelling. But the changing of the view matters. Continuing to Come from the staid ‘view’ of conceptual self and contemporaneously ‘trying’ to effect substantive change in whom we think we are, is a hopeless endeavor.

GP2C1280.jpgIt is tantamount to Arnold Schwarzenegger trying to change self through the character he plays in his movies. There is no way a character in a movie can bring about profound consciousness for Mr. Schwarzenegger or any of us.

We are in a movie, a real movie, with characters. Although the movie is a real movie it is fictitious and we seemingly know it. Our personal narrative is like the screenplay in the movie. It is a real screenplay but it is not Reality. Our character is only a ‘character’. We Are the unchanging self-aware screen.

GP2C1293.jpg‘Seeing’ the self-aware screen requires us to stop filling ourselves with fictional movies and narratives and hang out with the emptiness of the screen that never gets tainted by the movies.

This mandates a shift in ‘view’ from sitting in the peanut gallery to seeing the screen first and then the movie. Most of our energy will now be focused on the screen with only glimpses of the movie. Previous to the shift, the opposite occurred, where almost all of our time was with ‘content’ not ‘context’.

However, the ‘view’, even when watching the movie, is never not ’Seeing’ through the eyes. The ‘eyes’ are vehicles for ’Seeing’. The ’Seeing’ is Us. The ’Seeing’ Is Being. The ’Seeing’ does not need to create a movie or ‘self’ to ’See’. The addition of a noun is the beginning of the movie.

We Are the ‘context’, the screen of spaciousness that has no boundaries. This limitless-ness has the bottomless capacity for Everything. Nothing is excluded and no-thing is in everything.

GP2C1294.jpgWe Are the ‘context’ Now without any qualification. The body or the mind does not ’See’. Seeing’ is the starting point and endpoint. Adding any ‘thing’ to it, like a person, does not mean that a person is then ’seeing’. ‘Seeing’ always remains ’Seeing’. ’Seeing’ is effortless and cannot be shut off. The eternity and timelessness of ’Seeing’ can be explored only with ’Seeing’.

“The separate self is like a character in a movie that travels the world in search of the screen.” -Rupert Spira

The character in the movie must be played compellingly but never without full reference to the context of Reality first.

GP2C1289.jpgLove the Love, Daddy’O

1 thought on “WE ARE NOT ‘CONTENT’

  1. Spirit echos yes yes yes to the articulation of truth here. Thanks be to Source for the brilliant manifestation of energy we call and enjoy as Daddy’O.

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