GP2C1303See the See-er. Stay with the context-ing. And then the ‘nouns’ will have significantly diminished in their monopolization of bandwidth. The effortless Being that never stops being, is the moving meditation that eternally Is.

GP2C1305.jpgThe ‘Priorness’ Sees everything everywhere. There is nothing before the nothing-ness of Looking, ever. The Looking Is nothing-ness Looking.

Seeing the ‘Looking’, is seeing no-thing-ness Looking. The ‘Looking’ can only see the ‘Looking’ because there is only the ‘Looking’.

Science has the observed, the observer, and the observing. The ‘observing’ cannot be observed. The observer and the observed, can be observed, nouns as they are. The no-thing-ness of ‘observing’ precludes observation. ‘Observing’ is prior to the observer and the observed. ‘Observing’ really never leaves, even in a scientific endeavor.

GP2C1302.jpgThings, including identities as being a thing, cannot ‘do’ the observing. The capacities of ideas alone, do not allow the no-thing-ness of ‘what’s happening’ to directly see ‘what’s happening’, as nouns do not have ‘looking’ capabilities. Although ideas may manufacture and create illusion, borrowing from Our Reality, they create false evidence. But those creations are imaginary, limited, and illusory.

GP2C1300.jpgWhen ‘looking’ from an illusory and manufactured conceptual self, there is no possibility to get to the nobility of freedom, as ‘freedom’ from self through self is illusion chasing illusion.

‘Looking’ from what we are not (nouns) to get to Reality, is pretending to be a ‘verb’ while clinging to ‘noun’ status. The ‘doer’, ‘thinker’ , ‘feeler’, etc. are all nouns. There is no dumbing down the freedom of ‘what’s happening’ to a noun, as ‘It’ would not then ‘Be’ ‘what’s happening’.

The ‘Prior-ness’ and ‘Looking’ do not ever yield to the finiteness and limited-ness of nouns. The ‘Prior-ness’ is immutable. The ‘Looking’ Is pure Awareness without any need for the phenomenological. The ‘Aliveness’ is alive because It never stops Being, unlike a noun.

Just ‘Looking’, is effortlessly sustaining Itself. When we ‘Look’ there is never, ever any effort to ’Seeing’.The verbing of ‘Beingness’ just happens constantly in every moment of our life.

‘Looking’ is not trying to ‘Look’. ‘Looking’ is not trying to not try, to Look. Is-ness abides effortlessly without seeming volition.

GP2C1306.jpgActivities and the mental process attempt to claim prior-ness as conceptual entities. Abiding and judging events from ‘that’ distorted state is another distorted state. Activities, including experience, can only occur after the ‘Prior-ness’ of ‘Looking’. Phenomenological is always ‘after’.

“Thinking has its home in Me, Awareness, but I do not make My home in it.” -Rupert Spira

The ‘looking for’, can stop when we ‘Look’ at ‘Looking’ without the dragging in of nouns and concepts to buttress ‘that’ that is the Fullness of No-thing-ness. This formless Presence Is Looking and Happening with or without form.

See the ‘Looking’ as fullness. Fullness does not abide in nouns and static things. ‘What’s happening’ is always far more interesting than some dead noun. Loving the Love Is Loving.

GP2C1299.jpgLove the Love -Daddy’O

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