DSC00793.jpgThe dreamer in any dream is not the do-er. The dreamer, however, most often, believes in the dream, as reality, and its assigned character.

The dreamer in the dream also believes in the taking responsibility for the ‘doing’. That is what makes the dream compelling. What is being done to and by the dream ‘do-er’, is believable in the dream.

At the same time, once the dream is concluded, we then know that the ‘character ‘ in the dream had no real life with dreamed control, despite the dreamer‘s compelling belief, it did, at that time.

While the dream was being dreamed, the assigned character had absolutely no real existence or control, as it was the ‘Dreaming’ that was dreaming the dream. There never was any character. It was just the ‘Dreaming’, dreaming.

DSC00794.jpgThe characters never have longevity, as the characters have a shelf life of just ‘that’ dream. The regular ‘dreaming’ will continue to occur, with the solid consistency, of ‘Dreaming’ dreaming the dream. There will never be, any real character that comes to life, after a dream, as the character is just as illusory as any other part of the dream.

Essentially, the character never dreams. The ‘Dreaming’ dreams. The character in the dream ’seemingly’ has free will. However, the possibility of the character creating anything, choosing anything, and/or deciding the course of events, is just an illusion having an illusory moment.

The creation of a character cannot ever be ‘a’ creation of the character. The character is fictional. The aggregate characteristics of the character are solely conjured for each particular dream.

Conjuring is the propriety of the ‘Dreaming’, not the presumed dreamer.

Even in the ‘Dreaming’, there never is a noun called a ‘do-er’. It Is just dreaming. There is no ‘do-er’ to do anything, before or after the dream, whether in Reality or non-Reality.

In our waking state, we, as conceptual selves, take ourselves to be in control and have free will. Can concepts have free will and control any thing?

Do ideas, beliefs, and thoughts arise from their own substance as ideas, beliefs, and thoughts? To stubbornly suggest that they do, is to give life to the lifeless.

DSC00790.jpgThe ‘priorness’ of every thing, is the source of every thing. The ‘priorness’ is the emptiness that allows fullness to be expressed in duality as singularity. This starting point has no other layer of ‘priorness’. The buck stops at ‘nothing-ness’.

Our waking state (versus dream state) is either coming from an imaginary character we have storied, or our waking state is coming from the prior-ness of all characters and creations.

The former, has an imaginary ‘do-er’ and the latter does not have any ‘thing’ called a ‘do-er’.

DSC00801.jpgIf our waking state is pleasured by the insistence of a ‘do-er’, then our waking state is plagued with the same issues as our dream state. That is, illusions are created, believed in, thereby separating Self and shelving Self, as some-thing to be attained. This dis-allows full access to the “What Is” of Self, which is everything.

Separation is compounded by the creation of the ‘do-er’. No longer is life ‘what is happening’. Life then transmutes into a stagnating preference for forms over formlessness.

DSC00796.jpgBecause of the thing-less-ness of ‘Priorness’, the ‘do-er’ is rendered moot by virtue of no structure for the ‘do-er’ to abide in. The ‘doing’ by Eternity is inherently do-er-less.

Whom we Are is not a character except for the autonomous vehicle we travel in. Still, the vehicle is not the do-er, despite it’s autonomy in driving. The awake dreaming is believing in the necessity of having a driver or do-er.

A fictional do-er cannot ‘become’ as having ‘that’ assumption as a starting point, precludes inherent Beingness. We Are the Dreaming, the doing, the Seeing, without a structural thing needed.

The ‘Priorness’ is the solution that is no solution, due to the ‘Priorness’ having never left. Mis-identity is the problem for the self that wants to get out of self and the bad dream it believes it is in.

DSC00786.jpg“Happiness is what we are, not what we know; unhappiness is what we know, not what we are.”
-Rupert Spira

DSC00802.jpgWhat happens in the nightly dream is essentially what happens in the daily dream -it just happens effortlessly. No do-er necessary.

DSC00795Love the Love, Daddy’O



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