GP2C1317‘Context’ is the starting point of ‘Being’ versus ‘content’ or phenomena as being first, as we usually define the proverbial ‘us’.

Being or existence, is a continuity that happens without phenomenal memory being produced. ‘It’ is only phenomenal in that ’nothing’ is produced, yet ‘It’ is omnipresent. ‘It’ Is the starting point of nothingness yet It Is Present without engaging in phenomena. And, at the same time, ‘It’ ‘Is’ phenomena, as it is the container of everything.

Whereas defining ‘self’ as fleeting phenomena, has a penalty of cheapening experience due to a limited field being referenced as the starting point. This ‘content’ can never reveal the ‘context’ that is ‘Us’.

This starting point is a false reference that our belief is making real to us. Having this false reference, upends the Reality of Beingness never going anywhere at anytime.

This is especially true when illusion is the predominant vehicle for perception. Illusion occludes, seemingly, the Presence of Eternity and It’s ubiquity.

Consciousness is independent of ‘objects’ appearing in it, to include thoughts, sensations, and perceptions. Beingness ‘Is’ while non-being illusion, is not.

The conceptual self is powerless to do anything about it’s falseness, as ‘belief’ and ‘identity’ have solidified Bravo Sierra. Thoughts, sensations, and perceptions, come and go, never staying permanently.

Witnessing thoughts, sensations, and perceptions, enables a change in view, where the drive ‘to do’ and react is mollified. Witnessing a thought immediately reveals it’s extreme temporariness. More thoughts do come, but they too have a short shelf life.

When witnessing thoughts, sensations, and perceptions, it immediately becomes obvious that the only thing that stays is the noun-less-ness of witnessing. There is no phenomena in the verb of ‘witnessing’.

We can never get rid of witnessing as ‘It’ ‘Is’ Our nature. And ‘It’ takes up no bandwidth, effort, or space because ‘It’ ‘Is’ the Prior-ness to everything, aka ‘context’. Witness ‘that’.

Moreover, Love and Happiness and contentment abide there as there is nothing more full than Fullness Itself. This starting point is not linear as some idea. It Is undefinable.

“Our Self, the light of pure Knowing, never finds or comes in contact with anything other than itself. That is the experience of love and beauty.” -Rupert Spira

We Are Consciousness First before ideas, thoughts, and other phenomena secondarily arrive. Know ’that’. Knowing ’Self’ from a false reference is akin to knowing computer language by watching music videos on You Tube. Ain’t gonna happen. Content has nothing to do with what is ‘prior’.

The narrative of conceptual/false self is ‘after’ Beingness. Viewing from the ‘after’ or the ‘content’, is clearly the wrong view.

GP2C1319.jpgWitnessing the content without installing false belief and identity, can upend the futility of ‘self’ trying to get out of ‘self’ to get to the non-illusion of Self. Using the problem (content) to find the solution is to summarily dismiss ‘Priorness’ (context).

Witnessing allows seeing what is ‘not’ to arrive at ‘What Is’. Witnessing a sensation reveals that the witnessing is more real than the sensation.

GP2C1320.jpgLove the Love, Daddy’O


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