GP2C1324Falling freely, with no energy going backwards, is understanding full-acceptance and being ‘that’ Being-ness.

There is literally nothing to do but allow what already ‘Is’. The urgency is over. Any urgency would be an emergency. There is no emergency in the Fullness of Consciousness. It would not be Consciousness if ‘It’ resisted any ‘thing’, in the tiniest of infractions. ‘Things’ are Consciousness first just as we Are. But ‘We’ Are not phenomenal. “We’ Are holding and allowing the phenomenon to abide in ‘Us’.

Peace Is Us. The doing and the doer disappear in the open space of pure peace. ‘That’ density of doing and imaginary doer are unnecessary and a departure from the emptiness/fullness of Peace.

Peace does not have a need to be interpreted or conceptualized. It just ‘Is’. Adding on tags to a seeming something can only smother the pureness.

The afterthought of thought is truly ‘after’ the Priorness and can only cause more separation versus integration.

Peace is having no regrets about leaving the phenomenal altogether. The comfort of not needing any ‘thing’ is so smooth. There is not a ripple of worry or concern (contrarily to our previously poor investments).

The ‘looking’ is replaced with abiding and sinking into the freedom and effortlessness of just Being ‘that’.

It couldn’t be simpler. It couldn’t be easier. As Einstein said, the universe is as simple as it can be without being any simpler.

GP2C1325.jpgHaving no ground is often counter-intuitive. Having no ground means always a ‘soft’ landing.

Holding on to some ‘thing’ is tightening up before hitting the ground we created. Not holding is freedom.

Full acceptance is Peace undisturbed and eternal. Be ‘That’ effortlessly.

GP2C1328.jpgLove the Love. Daddy’O

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