DSC00882DSC00875.jpgDSC00873.jpgIsn’t that the first thing we try to ‘do’? So our starting point is reaching for ‘things’ (concepts) when ‘things’ are essentially wholly insufficient vehicles to transport ‘us’ to ‘Us’. What is believed is that ‘thinking’ can get us there.

Do we ‘think’ we can out-think the limitation of thinking? If the vehicle of thinking is incapable of going 200mph or getting 50 mpg, do we really believe we can achieve our goals of performance and good mileage on our journey of life?

DSC00850.jpgDSC00851.jpgDSC00849.jpgDSC00848.jpgDSC00852.jpgGoing to a ‘concept’ that is created after ‘Being’, is losing our freedom and unlimited-ness willfully, to
trading down to imprisonment, suffering, and limitation.

A conceptual base cannot bail us out of a conceptual base. So why are we limiting ourselves to obviously limiting ‘ideas’? Is ‘this’ the only place we can go to for relief?!

DSC00854.jpgDSC00853.jpgBelief and a cult-like devotion to ideas as the solution to all that ails us, stands front and center as our panacea. How’s that working for the planet so far?

The mis-understanding that ‘concepts are king’, is hinged upon the debasing of ‘unbiased testing’ through the utilization of ‘belief’. Belief is untested hypothesis alongside the blatant omission of experiential input. Actual testing of concepts is one thing. But the utilization of our personal experience as to what is actually occurring, is another matter.IMG_1786.JPG

DSC00856.jpgDSC00861.jpgIMG_1805.JPGIMG_1791.JPGIMG_1790.jpgWhen we avail ourselves of our true experience of experiencing, we begin to use our attention and awareness, to see past ideas, thoughts, and sensations. The noun-less verb-ing of observing becomes paramount. Not landing on ‘things’ means not stopping the observing of the observing.

“It is our Self, luminous, open, empty Awareness, which gives experience its unmistakable reality. What we truly know and love in all experience is the reality of Awareness. It is that alone for which the apparently separate self longs.” -RUPERT SPIRA

DSC00834.jpgDSC00833.jpgSubject/object separation is not promoted, naturally, as ‘that’ is not the substrate of ‘Everything’. Subject/object appears in the substrate but is essentially still the substrate of ‘Everything’.

Not landing on concepts is that freedom to Be without the over-investment in things and concepts that result in overheating the vehicle called self.

Nothingness abides first, with the phenomenological, a distant second place. ’Things’ are part of the roadside scenario, surely, but the actual ‘driving’ is the real deal.

Concepts are never really happening. “What Is” Is always happening and cannot be adequately conceptualized. Staying with concepts too long displaces Reality into reality. The importance of the vehicle becomes exaggerated, impairing high performance.

DSC00866.jpgDSC00868.jpgDSC00867.jpgDSC00869.jpgOur ‘Existence’ can be felt right Now before any name/form, e.g. Chevrolet Corvette. Suggesting that the vehicle (or concept) is first, is forgetting that it is Us that is driving the vehicle. This ‘Priorness’ is ever-present regardless of our memory or lack of.

Experiencing is always delivered on the ‘inside’ and is always the same. The variance is in the ‘content’. Content changes constantly while our experiencing is always the same. The Happiness of whom We Are, is unchanging.

DSC00871.jpgDSC00865.jpgAll cylinders are firing and there is Nothing ever missing in Awareness. The full package is always before things/concepts. Although It ‘Is’ an Understanding, there is nothing to understand.

DSC00823.jpgDSC00831.jpgDSC00825.jpgDSC00826.jpgDSC00819.jpgDSC00820.jpgDSC00815.jpgDSC00816.jpgDSC00817.jpgWe are not the vehicle. And, we can never get out of what we were never in.DSC00814.jpgDSC00818.jpgDSC00846.jpgDSC00845.jpgDSC00844.jpgDSC00843.jpg

Love the Love, Daddy’ODSC00839.jpgDSC00841.jpgDSC00842.jpgDSC00835.jpgDSC00838.jpg


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