Having and believing in ‘persona’ with a personal view, creates positioning in the infinite space of Everything. Locating self in space does have utility. But there is no utility in having that point-like awareness as an exclusionary functionality. Making functionality the be-all and end-all of existence, is definitely problematic as ‘that’ is the end point. ’That’ end point is a misguided starting point with an inability to go anywhere.

DSC00912.jpgWith a binary perspective, this or that, we sink into the separation that isn’t. Of course, it’s nice to know where we are at, but it gets expensive when we discount everything else.

Love is a teacher that is formless but yet vigorously alive with connection, as long as It’s freedom and unbiasedness remains. Love teaches connection with Everything as It Is Everything moving in total acceptance. Everything and everyone is welcome at all times. Even hippies are not required to use the rear entrance.

Love Is the absence of separation or demarcation. There is no distinction in the Oneness of Everything, as Love Is. When resting upon our own infinite nature, there can be no separate ‘one’ that feels contracted or rejected. Starting every Moment from Love, we herald the integrity of Everything. Starting the Moment with self is misplacing ideas for Reality.

DSC00885 (1)The contraction of ‘self’ is agonizing in that separation is ’self’ induced. The contraction is a loud signal that the connection is being diminished.This starting point is missing the fact that the whole view is now changed to a truncated and stuffy box of little-ness. This microscopic view hails and welcomes limitation/separation.

Love boldly asserts Itself by unabashedly saying yes, yes, yes to Itself, regardless of form/formlessness.

To get love or not get love is missing Love Itself. Love Is the starting point and Love is ‘You’ first and always. To suggest that ‘It’ is missing in our lives is comparable to saying there is no sun that the earth orbits around.

“Happiness is not an experience that I, Awareness, have. It is what I am.” -RUPERT SPIRA

DSC00917.jpgLove Is not an object or a goal to reach. To suggest that It is, is to not know what Is Present always. When we rest on an object or feeling, we rest on unsteady ground that will shift. Shiny objects catch our attention. Before shiny objects catch us, can we See them as appearances in Love?

There is no reason to resist the shiny objects as their appearance is only temporary. What remains before and after, is the giving and loving of all phenomena.

Receiving the ‘conditional’ Is ‘unconditional’ in the vastness of Everything. That acceptance is Love. Resting in the Awareness that allows every thing, Is Love incarnate. This Is the starting point of every Moment as It Is Now.

When we feel ‘contracted’ in Love, know that ‘that’ feeling is being accepted fully in the Awareness that Sees our pain. At that Moment, our contracted pain is landing in the un-contracted Self of Love Itself. ’That’ view is ‘Us’, before, during, and after the appearance of the false self and it’s love-less-ness.

Unconditional Love Is Everything. Conditional love is merely phenomena appearing and disappearing. Unconditional Love remains full and alive with no separation from even from the seeming separation. Landing here is not even necessary as there is nothing to land. Love Is Us.

DSC00883.jpgLove the Love, Daddy’O

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