GP2C1491.jpgGP2C1489.jpgGP2C1492.jpgGP2C1493.jpgGP2C1498.jpgGP2C1477.jpgGP2C1488.jpgGP2C1484.jpgGP2C1523.jpgGP2C1528.jpgGP2C1480.jpgGP2C1481.jpgGP2C1502.jpgGP2C1514.jpgGP2C1522.jpgGP2C1529.jpgGP2C1530.jpgGP2C1531.jpgGP2C1533.jpgGP2C1538.jpgGP2C1539.jpgGP2C1540.jpgGP2C1707.jpgGP2C1706.jpgGP2C1703.jpgGP2C1556.jpgGP2C1554.jpgGP2C1553.jpgGP2C1541.jpgGP2C1654.jpgGP2C1649.jpgGP2C1671.jpgGP2C1603 (1).jpgGP2C1344GP2C1373.jpgGP2C1370.jpgGP2C1361.jpgGP2C1389.jpgGP2C1352.jpgGP2C1353.jpgGP2C1379.jpgGP2C1376.jpgGP2C1364.jpgGP2C1362.jpgGP2C1708.jpgGP2C1579.jpgGP2C1669.jpgGP2C1702.jpgGP2C1693.jpgGP2C1682.jpgGP2C1674.jpgGP2C1700.jpgGP2C1699.jpgGP2C1684.jpgGP2C1687.jpgGP2C1676.jpgGP2C1677.jpgGP2C1338.jpgGP2C1345.jpgGP2C1346.jpgGP2C1359.jpgGP2C1371.jpgGP2C1367.jpgGP2C1385.jpgGP2C1387.jpgGP2C1393.jpgGP2C1336.jpgGP2C1396.jpgGP2C1402.jpgGP2C1413.jpgGP2C1414.jpgGP2C1421.jpgGP2C1427.jpgGP2C1428.jpgGP2C1433.jpgGP2C1431.jpgGP2C1435.jpgGP2C1437.jpgGP2C1438.jpgGP2C1456.jpgGP2C1458.jpgGP2C1463.jpgGP2C1464.jpgGP2C1466.jpgGP2C1468.jpgDSC00930.jpgGP2C1620.jpgGP2C1617.jpgGP2C1615.jpgGP2C1614.jpgGP2C1571.jpgGP2C1568.jpgGP2C1566.jpgGP2C1560.jpgGP2C1555.jpgGP2C1535.jpgGP2C1611.jpgGP2C1610.jpgGP2C1609.jpgGP2C1608.jpgGP2C1561.jpgGP2C1574.jpgGP2C1572.jpgGP2C1631.jpgGP2C1629.jpgGP2C1623.jpgGP2C1634.jpgGP2C1644.jpgGP2C1647.jpgGP2C1685.jpgDSC00928.jpgGP2C1548.jpg



“What is witnessing the inner dialogue is the “witnessing”. ‘That’ is not a person or a thing but the ongoing effortlessness of ‘Seeing’. ‘That’ Sees the thoughts, sensations, perceptions -all things. The mind and the body are ‘Seen’ by ‘That’ Seeing. To suggest that the witnessing or ‘Seeing’ has the same limitations as the ‘seen’, is incorrect. The ‘Seeing’ is not limited by what is seen (things). ‘Seeing’ is prior to objects that come and go. ‘Seeing’ remains regardless of objects or no objects, thoughts or no thoughts. Be ‘That’, because You already Are ‘That’ Now. ‘That’ never changes.”
“The mind is essentially thoughts in activity. Thoughts are after Being. Mind is thought and after Being. Mind and thoughts are objects/concepts. Objects/concepts are static i.e. finished. Being is alive. Being is a verb-ing. It Is not finished. It Is always verbing. If you take water out of the Chicago River and declare it the river, it does not become a river. The river-ing that makes the river is not present. Being-ness is like that. It Is always happening in the Now, and only the Now. The past is dead as is the future. Aliveness and happening is always river-ing in Presence. ‘That’ Is You/Us. ‘That’ knowing does not need thoughts as It Is Consciousness before thinking. When we don’t have thoughts, It Is Beingness Aware as context without content. Beingness, Awareness, Witnessing is Us, first. Thoughts and content are always second and temporary. ”

Love the Love, Daddy’O

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