Can Love be upended by a lesser vehicle of contraction? The contraction and belief in a conceptual self, is the creation of a virtual dictator, in terms of commanding a certain result for a very limited population of one. That ‘one’ then becomes a density, a frequency of limited resources, that commands everything in it’s site, to include love.

The lawlessness of it’s command is wholly supported by the judge, jury, and advocate being a distorted little illusion called ‘me’. The ‘me’ is a separation from the Everything that gives Reality even to the unreality of false self. This distortion then forces itself on the freedom and openness of Love.

GP2C1715.jpgLove Is, period. To divide Love up into ‘yours’ and ‘mine’, is to give up Love for the distortion that results. Love cannot be compressed into little boxes that we give to other ‘little’ people.

The separation of Love, is the separation into self, from Self. To separate Love, is to distort and contract that which is inseparable. Once that happens, Love cannot Be Love. Love cannot be denigrated into a ‘thing’ and then be called Love.

The ‘openness’ of Love cannot be maintained when we try to put it into a little box. It Is just too big, no matter how we may try to carve it up.

GP2C1716.jpgLove is Loving in action without stops. We are ‘in’ Love. Love is not ‘in’ us. Love Is the starting point. Ergo, there is nowhere to go to get ‘in’ Love.

Love is not a feeling. Love is without conditions, that is, unconditional. Judgment, criticism, and fear cannot be found in Love. Love Is an integration with pure ‘openness’. ‘It’ Is falling freely with no stops or fears. And that ‘aliveness’ Is Now, and only Now.

GP2C1712.jpg“I love you”, connotes a built-in separateness. There is no distance between ‘I’ and ‘you’, except the distance false self creates, which is huge.

When we say I love you rather than you, we are dictating Love. Love cannot operate under a dictator, as It Is prior to all dictators or false selves.

GP2C1717.jpgLove is ‘not’ a decision to make. It Is.

There is no-one in charge of Love. Illusory selves will come and go as illusions are not permanent. Love remains as a substrate of Being (existence).

Repeating, true Love is not a condition. It cannot be dictated or ‘pushed’.

To be in love, is actually to be ‘in’ Love, as it is an expression of Self without the singular selfish perspective of false self. Again, to Be ‘in’ Love, is the true starting point of Being. Contrarily starting from the ‘self’ is lauding the grand illusion.

The ‘self’ is only a vehicle expression of the above Love -not the source of this Love. The ‘vehicle’ of self cannot drive or source this Love. Love Is always the driver.

True Love is a constant expanding and falling into the bottomless depths of Love Itself. Holding on to illusions only results in hitting the ground of suffering.

Saying “I need her/his love”, is admitting failure at the outset.

There is nothing to believe, as belief is unnecessary. Love is a deep remembering as we follow our thoughts back to the Source. ’That’ starting point is the bedrock of Being Love Itself.

GP2C1718.jpgLove the Love, Daddy’O


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