GP2C1726Can an illusion really ruin our life?! More succinctly, an illusion can undermine our aliveness if we don’t understand the constant mis-identification with the illusion.

The problem is we don’t ‘believe’ that we are functionally an illusion, given certain beliefs. That’s a problem. More importantly, it is the trap that diminishes our fullness and infinite potential.

The trap is happening when we don’t realize that we are in a trap and then act as if we are not trapped. Still, we are trying to get something better for an illusory character, but we never really understand that ‘that’ keeps us in a trap, as well. The getting something ‘better’ is always undermined by the misunderstanding that our ‘Priorness’ actually never left the premises, despite placement in a temporal vehicle with an illusory driver.

GP2C1736.jpgImproving our situation is good but not at the expense of over-identifying with things, goals, and thinking as the thinker. Improvement can be best optimized when we are not caught in the illusion. It is futile to get a better illusion.

To try to improve the illusion will always be illusory. Good luck on that. Because then we are trying to leave the illusion as illusion. That is going nowhere fast.

GP2C1732.jpgIt would be like going to San Fran from Chicago via a treadmill. One would definitely not encounter much traffic on that road.

For instance, can we stop our perennial thinking? Why can’t we stop our thinking? ‘Perhaps’ needs to butt in and say, “Because we are not doing the thinking”. If we, as the ‘thinker’, were really in control, then our ‘thinker’ would know what our next thought would be. Albeit, there is no ‘thinker’. (Don’t think about that.)

GP2C1731.jpgGP2C1738.jpgThoughts create the story of ‘me’. The tornado of 70,000 thoughts we think about in a day are clearly about reactions, opinions, plans, conditioning -just a whole lotta ‘me’.

The ‘story’ is as real as a screenplay is to a Hollywood movie. Whom we ‘think’ we are is only a temporal and illusory character that never really had a life.

We believe we need to have a life in order to try to become someone. ‘That’ is being stuck in a character. It’s a pretty good illusion. More correctly, Life has us in Reality. The character was never in charge of anything.

To get out of the illusion we need to challenge and test out some basic presumptions that keeps us glued into the illusion. If we do not allow any questioning of these assumptions, we do not have a chance of seeing our ‘stuckness’ and exiting the futility.

We are not the thinker, doer, or character in this movie. The fact is that we are just using ‘this’ incarnated vehicle as a vehicle. The vehicle never comes alive with some identity like a Disney cartoon.

The character in the movie never has a real problem, because it is only a movie with an illusory, made-up character with ‘seeming’ problems.

When we source The Source as our primary energy (versus thought), then this becomes the witnessing that can ’See’ the illusion. As JC said, we are in the world but not of the world. Amen to that.

The ‘Aliveness’ of Being ‘Is’ always before, during, and after any association with a form. This ‘Formlessness’ never left the scene because It is the proverbial screen of the movie we ‘think’ we are in. The movie is in time. The screen is forever without schedule or time.

The false character is always trying to control and yield a self-supporting result. Stuckness personified and illusion created.

Watching, witnessing, and Being the experiencing of phenomena is Us. Getting something better is only available by leaving the illusion for Reality. Reality is unchanging Peace, Love, and innate happiness, regardless of circumstance. There is no seeking as there is not a seeker and nothing to seek.

GP2C1740.jpg“As the witnessing presence of Awareness, we stand in the background of experience; as the light of pure Knowing, we stand at its heart.” -RUPERT SPIRA

The illusions are seen through when the character stops trying to be the screenwriter, using the unreality of the script to serve his/her character. The character is not real but it is a real role. Play the character, never forgetting true Self. When you Are ‘It’, then there would be no need to seek ‘It’.

GP2C1737.jpgLove the Love, Daddy’O


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