GP2C1751.jpgThere Is no ‘there’ there. The ground we seem to have, is very seemingly present and always temporary, never permanent. But we persist in ‘believing’ in the stability of ‘this’ ground. Isn’t that a cognitive disconnect?!

Our experiential testing tells us something different. When we look for the ‘ground’ we can never really find it as stable and unchanging. The presumed ‘ground’ changes like everything else that is in ‘form’. Even the sun is not permanent, as emptiness was there for it’s birth and emptiness will be there for it’s death.

GP2C1747.jpgThe nature of form is impermanence and change. Form is a proverbial ‘thing’. Things are endpoints and not sources of Being. There is no immortality of form and/or other things, despite our belief and futility with all that.

The ‘groundlessness’ of formlessness is a signature characteristic of existence or ‘Being’. That ‘nothingness’ is so empty that it epitomizes the act of saying yes, yes, and yes to everything. No thoughts, no conditioning, no preferences, and no things are in this starting point and all are allowed entry. Moreover, there is no one point although all points are It.

GP2C1754.jpgThe groundlessness Is the ground. Even the seeming ground is groundlessness from the view of ‘no view’.The freedom ‘to Be’ recognizes this turf as an inherent ability to go in any direction and still maintain It’s groundlessness and omnipresence. When ground does show up, there is still no ‘there’ there. The always-ness of Being never stops Being.

The organizing principle of separateness is claiming there is a ‘hard’ ground, which then allows separateness to creep in. Conversely, allowing the infinite space of ‘everything’ to be the arbiter of Reality, leaves conceptual
ideas as reductive phenomena, that is, ephemeral as any ‘thing’ else. Ideas are endpoints that are extremely distant from Reality.

GP2C1750.jpgBeingness is not an idea or concept in time. It Is Our actual existence before and beyond time. The power of thought does not come from thought. It comes from ‘Us’.

Pure Knowing is a part of every thought i.e. groundlessness. There is no belief in Being Aware. It Is just Being Aware. Being Aware does not appear or disappear. It just Is. ‘Knowing’ never leaves Us.

Groundlessness is not in things as things are not prior to Beingness. Groundlessness is the ‘there’ in there.

“Don’t go out towards the objects of the mind, body and world but rather remain as Awareness allowing everything to come to You. You, Awareness, never go anywhere or do anything.” -Rupert Spira

GP2C1755.jpgBe free with the freedom of starting and ending with no ground. Having ‘ground’ is contrary to having ’nothing’. Having ‘nothing’ Is having ‘everything’. That is the ground with the most stability and permanence. Abide there effortlessly.

GP2C1754.jpgLove the Love, Daddy’O

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