What does 70,000 thoughts per day, do to a person, when only a fraction is needed to transact life? What could all those thoughts be doing? And for whom do they solicit?

GP2C1764.jpgThen ask, is there a real need to entertain that much traffic in our minds? What is fueling this seeming need to think these thoughts and these quantities of thoughts?

GP2C1776.jpgIt is not as if we lost 90% of our thoughts, we would go awry somehow. In fact, losing that much, would certainly give us great relief from recycling meaningless bravo sierra.

GP2C1775.jpgThis tornado of massive nonsense, that mostly goes nowhere, is really about the ‘me’. It is the ‘me’, due to the true nature of this ‘me’, as being a fictional/illusional concept. 

GP2C1768.jpgOur direct experience can never locate this ‘me’ except as some idea or story. This ‘idea’ or story of ‘me’ has no sustenance. ‘It’ cannot stand on it’s own. ‘It’ is only a story and not unlike a screenplay. ‘It’ has pathos and drama and is sometimes charming and beautiful, and perhaps as compelling as a Star Wars tale. ‘It’ (the ‘me’) cannot be found. ‘It’ is an illusion we believe in with clearly more assumption than testing.   

GP2C1771.jpg‘Reality’ is being given to this ‘story’ to sustain it’s appearance in our day-to-day life. One single viewing could never sustain something that is not real. Only an ongoing iteration of thoughts and streams of thoughts are enough to keep it broadcasting it’s seeming reality.   

GP2C1773.jpgThe large number of thoughts we attach to ourselves through ‘m’ and ‘y’, are making sense. That is, the more thoughts we have of giving support to a falseness, the more we feel secure about the falsehood being true. 

Hence, the necessity of the tornado of ‘me’.

GP2C1767.jpg“All experience is seamless and intimate. It is only thought that divides it in two thereby creating an imaginary inside self that experiences and its corollary the outside object, other or world that is experienced. But at no time does this division of experience actually take place.” -RUPERT SPIRA

With ‘this’ type of thinking, we establish ourselves as the center of the universe. Clearly, there of more thoughts of ‘me’ than anything else we think of in our typical day.

Having ‘me’ as central to life is tantamount to making everything appear as an object, thereby evoking great unnatural separation. The ‘me’ is an object, period. It is not even alive. It is a dead concept. 

Evoking a subject/object relationship, is evoking the dead to come alive with just a call to more objects. 

In the above pattern,  ‘Aliveness’ is now clearly obscured by this weather phenomena of the tornado of ‘me’.

The ‘Aliveness’ remains, but access is vastly reduced, due to the bandwidth being marginalized by the ongoing project of asserting the identity of ’me’.

GP2C1780.jpgBeingness is just a receiving, with no projection of judgment or opinion. The ‘me’ is nothing but judgment and opinion. Although Beingness or Awareness cannot be removed, It can be occluded, especially by mis-identity.

Beingness however, is receiving the occlusion and the iterations of ‘me’, as It Is the virtual container of Everything and every thing.

Looking for the ’Seeing’, is only the ‘me’ or illusion, looking through illusion for illusion. The ‘me’ can never find what it is looking for as the ‘Looking’ was never lost nor ever an object.

GP2C1781.jpgWe Are the ‘Looking’ and can’t be found, regardless of the idea that there is a tornado of ‘me’  looking.

The ‘Looking’ is not an object. The ‘Looking’ is an alive verb that can’t be found as It Is not object-based. 7 billion tornadoes with 70,000 thoughts per capita, cannot find this ‘Looking’.

It (Awareness) Is Present always, with no thoughts necessary. The tornado is an illusion.

Love the Love, Daddy’O

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