Not knowing what you do not know, will often yield a learning experience that may take a moment or perhaps as much as 40 years or more, to figure out. The penalty of ineffectiveness (of not knowing) could be very punishing when not knowing the pitfall of not knowing.

GP2C1788.jpgAs an example, going into an unfamiliar culture and transacting inappropriate/unacceptable behavior, per cultural norms, can result in incarceration or worse. North Korea, Saudia Arabia, and/or Afghanistan have severe consequences for non-compliance with their particular societal expectations. Not knowing the perils of prescribed behavior can be a painful lesson.

Our own personal examples of a past faux pas, usually has enough historical grist, to underscore the importance of knowing what we don’t know, but probably should know, to preclude diving into a situation without due preparation. The reduction of unnecessary suffering is a great motivator for most of us.

GP2C1785.jpgIn spirituality, the very first step we take on our path can be ‘that’ important. 

Usually, the first thing we do is to try to become more spiritual in order to reduce our clinging and previously futile efforts to attain stability/happiness.

GP2C1796.jpgWhat we don’t probably realize when we take a step in this direction, is that ’that’ direction of ‘looking’, is usually ‘looking’ in the wrong direction. So our subsequent efforts will all be pointing away from the desirable outcome we expect. 

GP2C1791.jpgConsequently, the success rate of going in the wrong direction will yield almost sure failure. And if we are feeling lucky, then we often double down on that bad bet.

The numbers generated from this type of effort should be a shrill call to check for missing information, to wit, not knowing.

It would be much better as a starting point, to come from pure ‘not knowing’ then ‘knowing’. ’Not knowing’ at least is open to change and suggestion. The false confidence of presumed knowing, will often lead us to the epiphany of “ugh, oh!”

Starting with the concept of “Looking for awakeness”, we surely misstep into the pit of illusion. 

GP2C1795.jpgWe start meditating and we essentially look for an altered state that releases ‘us’ from ‘us’. Having a goal in meditation clearly takes us away from Us. ‘Us’ does not need a goal to Be ‘Us’.

Only self, illusory self, needs a goal to get peace and happiness for self. That is an illusion. The illusion of self and the illusion of doing the bidding for self, compounds the mis-identity.

Being ‘Being’ is not  a ‘doing’. ‘Doing’ to try to be ‘Being’, is undermining ‘Being’ at the outset. False references are clearly part of the “stuckness”. 

Meditation, as a goal-orientated activity, is contrarily, to move away from the naturalness of the immediate-ness of Presence and Being. There is no goal needed to meditate. It is like adding junk to Fullness. Fullness needs no embellishment. The meditation process is tainted from the outset by ‘doing’.

Being Is. Meditation Is Being.

Being is not a ‘state’. ‘States’ are appearances in Being. 

Being Is First, without the needing of ’states’.

Looking for a shiny object called a ‘state’is just another ‘thing’. This type of looking is subject/object based. Contrarily, ‘Looking’ is just a verb never looking for a noun. ’Seeing’ Is just ’Seeing’without a seen. The verbing of Being does not stop for an object, ever. 

Achieving a ’state’ would be stopping for an object (duality). Stopping for an object would be the eternal becoming finite and creating permanent separation. Being, to remain being, cannot shift  It’s resources into things and other appearances, else It stops Being. Being is ‘happening’. “Happening” is a verb.

There is nothing to achieve because there is nothing to be achieved. The Fullness always remains the Fullness.

To try to achieve something in meditation, for instance, would be to completely ignore the Fullness and falsely ‘believe’ in non-fullness. Belief has no Reality. Having a goal in meditation is concluding that the ‘Infinite Eternal Self’ is not Present, at the outset, while‘It’ Is actually Us Now with no before or after.

There Are no requirements necessary for Fullness to Be Present in every Moment, period.

The Fullness can never be found as It was never lost. If ‘one’ believes to have found it, then the finding by that ‘one’is clearly not the One.

One cannot know ‘It’ from what you are not. A ‘one’,  using Awareness to Seek Awareness, is too involved in the ‘one’ as illusion, to realize Awareness. That ‘one’ is  submerged in illusion and can’t know what it doesn’t know, i.e. that ‘it’ is in illusion as illusion.

“The mind that seeks awareness is like a current in the ocean in search of water. Such a mind is destined for endless dissatisfaction until it comes to rest in its source or essence.” -Rupert Spira

The starting point, the very first step, is the most important, due to determining what view is subsequently being taken.

What is perceived cannot be perceiving. What is perceiving cannot be perceived.

That is all, all the time. Know ‘That’. The   that ‘that’  isn’t  never was.

Love the Love, Daddy’OGP2C1789




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