GP2C1820.jpgOmnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence is ‘space’ metaphorically. 

GP2C1827.jpgIf there were no space, where would we be? Where would we put everything? Can we find room somewhere else? Is ’space’ really that important?

How can space be so useful when we can’t even nail a peg on it? Precisely so.

But, really, we don’t even give ‘it’ a whole lot of consideration. Is that too, it’s usefulness?

GP2C1811.jpgAlso, does ‘space’ hold so-called other frequencies or dimensions of light, vibration, sound, matter, et al? Can we consider this breadth as another signature of space?

Buildings come and go but space remains. Does space ever need to be renewed? 

The earth’s orbit is changing it’s location in space, moment-by-moment. With all this space changing on earth every second, are we ever concerned that the different space we get, is not going to be good enough? Or perhaps it is not a concern because space is uniform and unchanging, no matter where we go in the solar system?!

GP2C1826.jpgWhat about the amount of space? Is it unbounded and infinite? Does space even have an edge or an endpoint? How does space feel? Have we ever been able to feel space?

We certainly have felt density and lack of space. Apart from the ‘external’, how is our space internally? Do we feel we have the analogue to external space, that being ‘no edge’ and ‘infinity’? Or are we bunched up with no room, crowded by our excessive thoughts, wants, and demands on others?

GP2C1802.jpgAnd is there really an experiential difference between external and internal space, aside from the ‘thinking’ and ‘believing’ that brokers that separation? Can we truly see the edge of our internal awareness and our presumed external world? What happens when we close our eyes? What happens when we dream? Does space disappear?

GP2C1819.jpgThe space that is labeled as internal and the space that is labeled external, are those distinctions enough to say that the space is really a different space? 

GP2C1817.jpgWhen we say “we are holding space”, does that mean that the space is then a ‘thing’? Can we see a photograph of someone holding space and a pic of someone not holding space?

If space is not a ’thing’, what are it’s characteristics?

Perhaps if we measure space, or count space-lets, or research space itself, we can find a more efficacious way of using space? Not! 

When there are no objects in space, how would we measure space?

GP2C1810.jpgAre we actually separate from space? What is separate, space or us? If the presumed ‘us’ is only conceptual , then perhaps what is more real, permanent, and unchanging is space. If space is us, but without the ‘us’ as identity, what is left?

What always remains is space.

Do we have to struggle to see space? Would it be more useful if we saw space? Do we need to really intellectualize and understand space? Would space care if we did? Is space tolerant of anything and/or everything we put in it?

Omnipresence (infiniteness and presence everywhere) is space.  Omniscience (infinite knowledge and always ‘knowing’) is space. Omnipotence (powerfully Present) is space. ’Space’ is the metaphor pointing to the Ineffable, unquantifiable everything/nothing that Is.

Much like ‘space’, Beingness (existence of the “I Am”), has the ’no-thingness’ of space. All ‘space’ does in this context is point to what can not be thought of but only experienced by Self aka Awareness.

Every one of us accepts and allows the ubiquitousness of space to enter our lives without a thought. There are no issues with space, ever. Not having space is inconceivable.

If we can so blithely accept this ‘space’ non-thing, why do we struggle with accepting ourselves as Ourselves. The capital Ourselves is just as Present and eternal as the same space that allowed the universe to be birthed into manifestation.

“The belief that the mind perceives or is aware, doesn’t make sense. Mind is perceived; it does not perceive. Only Awareness is aware.” -Rupert Spira

Appearances in our life are specious and temporary and meritless, relative to our identity to be ’that’, rather than ‘That’ that cannot be Seen or described despite it’s ubiquity. 

Presence (space) is context that never changes. Content is what is contained. There is no containing Presence.

Be ’That’ always, as ‘always’ is what It Is.

GP2C1812Love the Love, Daddy’O 



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