GP2C1834Mind, that is, the mental process of thinking and sense perception, is an activity that assigns and defines our identity as whom we ‘think’ we are. It is a process that is incessant in constantly defining and claiming falsely, our doing, thinking, seeing, and experiencing.

It is like the clown following an exquisite performance by a ballerina, who bows before the audience to receive the accolades that rightly belong to the dancer. It’s falseness is gross and misleading, but apparent, if one does not get caught by what just happened.

GP2C1846.jpgGP2C1844.jpgThe whole process must be taken into account. If we left the show before its incipient conclusion, and the clown showed up to take the bow, as we returned, we may be convinced that the clown’s bow was deserved.

Only seeing parts of the performance and not seeing or understanding the whole process, leaves one to making conclusions that have no experiential validity.

Believing that only the clown is untenable, as ‘it’ had nothing really to do with the performance, is a start but not a finish. And at the same time, the clown is not to be resisted, as ‘it’ is part of the show to be enjoyed. No good reason to hate (resist) the clown. 

Seeing the clown as a clown relieves us of any real threat to the enjoyment of the entire performance. Not seeing the clown properly can create a bad evening. Yet a greater understanding is the knowledge of the dance as the progenitor of the movement and all the subsequent characters and their development.

GP2C1838.jpgThat knowledge is prior to any show.

The mind is stagecraft, not dissimilar to a carnival, where trickery is part and parcel of the charm. Seeing through the craftiness kinda ends the fun of it, as well as the thinking we can ‘honestly’ win.

The mind is a one-trick pony that rules us like a carny, getting our chump change and making chumps out of us.

The one-trick is one good trick, working in keeping us imprisoned in a little box that is pure illusion. 

GP2C1829.jpgThoughts cannot be controlled or determined by the illusory ‘us’.  Controlling thoughts or attempting to control thoughts, is always futile. If the thought of whom we are as identity, tries to control thoughts, then that is one thought trying to control another thought. How silly! Good luck on that endeavor.

Before thoughts is Silence. After thoughts is Silence. Silence never leaves and is never affected by thoughts.

GP2C1845.jpgInstead of giving attention to thoughts and content, give attention to Silence and context. The deafening noise of thoughts is a result of giving our undivided attention on thoughts rather than Voiceless Silence. 

Thoughts trick us. Silence Is always first. Thoughts arise when thoughts arise, in Silence. Mind claims thoughts with ‘m’ and ‘y’, creating identity and personal narrative through memory. After identification with thought, reaction is spawned. The illusion of identity is now bonded to thoughts that affirm/deny the quality of the identity. The identity is needy, in that affirmation must extended by more claiming of thoughts, ad infinitum.

This process must be seen so we will no longer be victimized by it. It must be Seen by the Seeing. The process, to be seen by the process itself, is not to see the process. The Witness must witness the process. 

The problem comes in again, with the mind claiming the Witness, then falsely making the mind the witness, which is the one-trick pony. Not Seeing ‘it’ victimizes the illusory self as really feeling like it is the illusory self (again and again) despite the claiming of witnessing .

It’s a cute trick that works like magic. Except suffering is never really abated. Mind claims everything after it happened. The Happening just happens, always happening. The stopping by the mind is just ‘not happening’ and the creation of an illusory state.

The mind cannot stop the Happening. Mind creates the appearance of ‘happened’ to the ‘me’. There is no ‘me’ and nothing ‘happened’. Time, when there is only Now, is created, in order to create the ‘happened’. Illusion is in mind with ‘my’ thoughts aiding and abetting. Hence, we believe the mind in accepting the hijacking as a normal part of life.

”The eternal now, when seen through the narrow slit of the mind, appears as time. The infinite here, when seen through the narrow slit of the mind, appears as space.” -Rupert Spira

GP2C1830.jpgThe real normal is just happening, period.

Fear/desire and past/future are not extant in the Now. The Now can receive anything/everything and never be affected/effected. Fearlessness and desirelessness are found in the Fullness. Time is a permutation of mind. Timelessness is part of the Nothingness of Being choiceless effortlessness.

There is nothing to understand and there is nothing to do. To ‘do’ seemingly precludes ‘Being’ which already Is forever Prior. Be the Prior not the afterthought, as ‘that’ thinking is NOT happening.

GP2C1833.jpgLove the Love Daddy’O 


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