GP2C1874 (1).jpgThey are both a stretch. The illusions have to out of timelessness and in time, in order to be illusory. The reference to a past and a future cannot coexist in the Now-ness of timelessness. 

In Reality, the ‘was’ and ‘will be’, immediately disallows the immediacy of the experience of Now, as neither distortion is  permitted in Presence. To compromise the ’Now’ with these false presences of non-existence, is absolutely and unequivocally, to seemingly leave the Now. If the Now were to entertain these distortions, then the Now would cease It’s Now-ness.

GP2C1850.jpgThe Now is absolute. Absolute-ness cannot be moderated even for a nanosecond. Time is a false belief if believed to be true. There is the appearance of time which can be experienced as distortion or a modulation of timelessness. That is an appearance, not a Truth.

GP2C1873 (1).jpgThe “I Am” is in timelessness. It can be no other way. Timelessness is not conceptual like time. Timelessness is time removed. Timelessness is free of time. The ‘I Am” abides there, which is nowhere and everywhere; no point and all points.

When 90+% of our resting is in time, then time consumes Us. When We Are timelessness, we consume time and all other appearances. Consciousness is always primary even when obscured.

GP2C1871.jpgThe “false I Am”can only reside in the apertures of past/future, which are both aberrations of Reality. They are the ‘dreaming’of Reality with only an appearance of nouns or things. Reality is never compromised as the ‘dreaming’ never really ‘nouns’. 

GP2C1864.jpgThe ‘nouns’ that appear are really not permanent. Their temporariness is the give-away appearance of non-Reality. They cannot exist as Reality. These ‘nouns’ have as much permanence as a dream.

GP2C1859.jpgSo when we say to ourselves or others, about what ‘I was” and/or “I will be”, we are overriding the overriding principle of whom We really Are. What Is existing Now, can never stop existing, even for a second, except in ‘time’which is a distortion of timelessness. To not ’See’ the Truth of Self, is to pretend to be the mind/body before the ‘Prior-ness of Self.

GP2C1861.jpgTime appears to trump timelessness. But timelessness cannot be trumped except in an illusion. See the illusion and See the truth of what we Are not.

Again, what can be perceived cannot be Perceiving. What Is Perceiving cannot be perceived. There Is no noun in Perceiving, ever.

GP2C1865.jpgResting in Priorness or Awareness, Is always, as the always never gives way to time. Time is distortion/illusion. 

The ‘was’ and the ‘will be’ are ‘doings’ that have departed from effortless acceptance of ‘What Is’always, that is, Beingness (no-thing verbing).

Consciousness has things. Things are not conscious. Time is a thing that is perceived.

Falling into the Moment of Now has never stopped It’s Nowness. Nowness catches everything.

GP2C1854.jpg“I, Awareness, cannot be known as any kind of an object such as a thought, feeling, sensation or perception yet in all of these it is I alone that am being known, just as the screen is never found in the movie and yet is all that is truly seen.” -Rupert Spira

GP2C1856.jpgRest in the falling where there is no-thing or no-noun. Crashes only take place when we distort non-permanence into seemingly permanent ‘was’ and ‘will be’. The falling never stops falling. Find rest ‘there’. Be Free.

GP2C1853 (1).jpgLove the Love, Daddy’O 

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