GP2C1889.jpgAre we done? Understanding won’t help. And how can we get anything when there is nothing to get, literally.

GP2C1876.jpgTo get something presupposes that we do not have that ‘something’. Is the presupposition correct?!

GP2C1882.jpgBut why does everyone seem to be looking for that something that is missing in their lives e.g. peace, happiness, and/or Truth?

Looking for something, that is clearly and experientially present, would be spinning our wheels for no good reason with zero movement on the pavement of progress towards a lofty goal.

GP2C1880.jpgIf ‘Its’ right in front of our nose, why can’t we see it?

We are looking from a view that is not a valid view. But we and our conditioning believe ‘it’ to be so. But, but have we looked at how we have been looking? Or, more probably, have we acquiesced to the “tornado of me” and resigned ourselves to believing our current view has got to be right?

GP2C1890.jpgIf its got to be right, why hasn’t ‘it’ yielded results after a lifetime of effort?

The current view is essentially lame. It cannot yield the results we are looking for precisely because it is an incorrect and/or faulty view. Success here is assuredly not going to happen.

We are trying to kick the door open when in fact the door can never open because the door is not made to open in the direction of our travel.

GP2C1879.jpgThe fact is the door is already wide open. More essentially, we are already ‘there’. Our searching and looking has not succeeded because we do not even See where our standing is. Often, our standing is more illusion hiding as discrimination.

GP2C1891.jpgOur standing Is groundlessness. But we clamor for ground. Importing ground only grounds us in the muck of suffering and limitation. The view of ‘no ground’ is a view we resist because we not only want the ground of whom we think we are but also the myriad ideas, hopes, aspirations of hollowness that is this seeming ground we so pine for. When we hope for a status that is currently present, the ‘hope’ becomes unreachable.

GP2C1888.jpgWe need a u-haul truck to drag all the narrative, beliefs, and identifications we have, to seemingly feel complete, from one moment to the next moment. 

Completeness is already Present without the hoarding of ‘stuff’ we ‘think’ is necessary. The density that is necessary to carry all that garbage, is precisely the ‘stuff’ that precludes us from Being ‘Us’.

Instead of ‘looking’ for what cannot be found, we would do infinitely better, to allow ‘the Looking’ to find us. Just resting, just not pushing, but being with the Openness, to allow “What Is” to make the movement, to merge with the ‘Us’ in us, is enough. 

GP2C1884.jpgThe vast openness and spaciousness is not freely associated with rat pack mentalities. Freedom is not the storage of any ‘thing’ but the liberation of ‘things’. The Priorness is the Fullness, Is the infinite potential, where all ‘things’ eventually arise from. To focus on ‘things’ is to completely miss the point of Being.

“The greatest form of Seva/ Service is the humility to receive all of life and see through the illusion of separation.  When we let go of serving the individual which is all about getting ‘my’ needs met we let go into something so much greater, the Self.”  -Clare Blanchflower  

The ‘Priorness’ is accessible when being Being first in all Moments. Then phenomena comes second as ‘it’ is a created ‘after’.

GP2C1885.jpgLove the Love, Daddy’O   

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