GP2C1907Putting these two words together creates an automatic dichotomy. It doesn’t feel good. One word compromises the other. Both words together create conflict that neither word presumably wants.

And what is ‘it’ that wants? The craving or the contentment?

GP2C1898.jpgContentment does not want. It is not in the nature of contentment to plead or bleed over ‘things’. Contentment is an ultra-balanced security of Now.

Craving is missing some presumed essential piece. A piece that ‘one’ cannot do without. The pushing is self-evident, especially in attempting to secure the ‘idea’ of a lack, due to some missing temporal object (thing).

GP2C1895.jpgCraving will go past peace, love, and happiness to secure this conceptual need. Rationality left this wanton idea long ago, in some past lack of fruition, now carried into the future. The Present was/is summarily skipped over, without a thought.

It, craving, does not exist in the Present. Only the past and the future. In Presence, the insanity of going to an imaginary place, would be more obvious. And by ‘Presence’, it is not to conclude that we can ‘know’ Presence by a momentary glimpse, and then back to the insanity.

GP2C1897.jpgOnly by resting in Presence, can we make anything close to a conclusion, about not being Present. Proportionally we must be living in Presence to secure any feeling of Presence. To lurch back and forth between the urgency of falseness and peace, cannot be defined as peaceful or Present.

And then there is the ‘doing’ of Presence, which by definition cannot be Presence. There is no doing Presence. There is ‘being’ Presence and being Present.

GP2C1905.jpg‘Doing’ Presence is tantamount to ‘pushing’ Presence. And there is no ‘pushing’ in Awareness or Presence, ever.

Craving is extreme ‘pushing’. Intelligence and discrimination are even held hostage to assert this irrational craving. The results yielded -only the pillaring of Presence/Awareness can occur under these circumstances. Presence is seemingly forced out of one’s life to appease desire and/or fear.

The other outcome in this craving madness is never arriving at the object of craving. Craving never delivers.

What ‘was’ and what ‘will be’ are never actually happening in this yielding to craving. The happening, in this case,  died with the craving. The ‘aliveness’, is certainly missing as a result of this choice.

Experience of the past cannot be carried forward to Presence. Presence has no space for the falseness of the unreality of ‘over’ to be in the Now. Exceptions occur only in the ‘non-happening’ of ‘happening’. Happening, Us, gives seeming reality to the unreality, without compromising Reality. That is non-happening, an artifice in time.

Craving abides only when Reality gives the space of non-reality for this activity to seemingly go on. What’s happening remains the only real game in town.

GP2C1892.jpgContentment recognizes the Fullness of Now and contemporaneously the futility of leaving contentment, for some foolish unbalanced errand. Understanding contentment is understanding that. There is really nothing outside this understanding of Fullness, that can make one any more Full. Knowing ‘that’, why would anyone leave the full integrity of ‘this’ space?!

GP2C1893.jpgSo contentment is an experiential understanding. The pointlessness of ’seeking’ or ‘craving’ is glaringly obvious. To ‘crave’, is to mis-understand. To go outside the Now, is to unnecessarily burden Ourselves with the patently false. To indulge in ‘what’s not happening’ , is to automatically lose the aliveness of the Moment. Where is the fun in all that?!

“Be neither the knower nor the known; be only the knowing of experience, and you will find your self as everyone and everything.” -Rupert Spira

GP2C1901.jpgThere is no improving the false ‘me’. The illusion cannot get the message. Trying to ‘know’ the “Not Knowing” is futility incarnate, as we Are the Knowing and the “Not Knowing” of the Knowing. Craving or effort cannot secure the “effortlessness” We already Are Now. Be the contentment.

Love the Love, Daddy’O    


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