GP2C1969What a thought! Is the protection of the heart not necessary, lest we personally break?

GP2C1924.jpgGP2C1922.jpgGP2C1916.jpgGP2C1925.jpgOur ability is strained, to tolerate in a ‘normal’ way, the breaking of our heart. That is not something that is looked upon as an opportunity, to progress. Our true heart, for the above reason, is often not revealed, so that some protection is afforded.

GP2C1965.jpgSubsequent life events are often affected in the recovery from a ‘broken’ heart. A contraction, a closing up, of the heart is generally the conditioning we find necessary to persist in finding our way back to some utility in expressing the love within us to the outside world.

GP2C1967.jpgBut this conditioning, is a compromise. What is compromised is Self. We clearly lose our child-like freedom to express ourselves and our unedited feelings, in our rapprochement back to normality.

GP2C1966.jpgContraction is not freedom. Contraction is not ‘unplugged’. It is a sanitation of feelings and expressiveness. We have adapted to a lesser, more limited idea of self. The ‘new’ normal is not really normal.

However, the ‘idea of self’, whether improved or defiled, is still conceptual. Conceptual is in fact, removed from reality in that ‘it’ is an artificial construct. Constructs surely are not alive and clearly cannot tell us much, as they are an abbreviation of the infinite bandwidth of experience and experiencing.

The point being, that to ‘improve’ a concept (self) is not tenable due to artificially limiting Self to an idea, no matter how improved. Conversely, to be able to ‘hurt’ a concept (self) is equally foolish, in that ‘that’ illusion cannot really have consequence. The illusion of self remains an idea, no matter the degree of pain we seemingly feel.

All that drama around the heart is truly ‘what’s not happening’. Feelings, thoughts, physical perceptions/sensations, say otherwise. Our belief system compounds the illusion cementing further separation from Self and others.

All ‘that’ emotion is happening in ‘what’s not happening’. But in ‘what’s happening’ aka Reality, none of that stuff is really going on.

“Happiness is the absence of resistance to what is. It is the highest spiritual practice. However, it is not a practice of the mind; it is the ever-present nature of Myself, Awareness.” -Rupert Spira

The ‘high’ bar is ‘what’s happening’. There is no illusion in the moving verbiage of ‘what’s happening’. Conditioning does not have a say in ‘what’s happening’. The refresh rate of ‘what’s happening’ is too fast in that it’s speed is prior to illusion.

The broken heart has the advantage of being cracked wide open with subsequent accessibility not available otherwise. Accepting the openness, is availing oneself of unprecedented Love behind all the crashing. The contraction has played out to nothingness. There is nothing to hide, cover up, or to protect. The ‘rawness’ is the Truth that needs no defending.

Our instinct may be to defend self but our Truth is waiting and has been waiting to be Seen. And can be Seen when accepting the ‘what’s happening’ in this golden opportunity.

There is no pushing in Awareness. 

Accepting the depth of pain is moving past thoughts, ideas, and perceptions, into the holding of nothing, falling effortlessly into a depthless Love. The groundlessness of this Love is unbounded and eternally Present, as It Is Presence. The ground of thoughts, ideas, and perceptions is as meaningless as it is illusory. When falling fearlessly and holding nothing, as nothing is needed, Love’s groundlessness and freedom catches us by the heart.

GP2C1954.jpgThe unchanging undefended Self is found in the heart, ever present. It teaches yes, yes, and yes to even  ‘what’s not happening’. The ‘what’s not happening ‘ has essentially taken us to Us. 

Self has nothing to defend. It Is the freedom of fullness accessed through the nothingness.

There is no dictator of Love. Only the self tries to dictate Love. 

The felt sense of longing for completion resides in the heart. The solution of a full acceptance of everything, opens the heart and sates the longing.

 The open heart realizes it is home as it always has been.The longing was ‘Us’ reaching out to ‘us’.GP2C1958.jpg

Now available, in the heart of hearts, is the unprecedented unrestricted connection to “What Is”. Heart Acceptance is constantly happening in every Moment. This view is no view.GP2C1962.jpg

Love the Love, Daddy’O 

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