GP2C2003.jpgWhat is often, the ‘go to’, in the seeming opportunity of ’future’ ? We tirelessly look forward to getting ‘something’ from the concept of ‘future’. It is as if the Present is not enough and we, therefore, are needy for the parts that appear to be missing in our lives right now. These two guideposts are inherently false when tested by our direct experience.

GP2C2002.jpgThe act of looking past Now and the act of denying the fullness of Presence, Now, is inherently a compounding of suffering. Oddly, this suffering for that seemingly missing something, takes place in the Fullness of Now.

GP2C1994.jpgTo seek, is to not See Presence. Presence only abides in the eternal Now. Not Seeing Presence is essentially not ’Seeing’. ‘Not Seeing’ is only possible with Reality creating unreality. Unreality is conditional, temporary, and a covering up of Reality, with cooperation of ‘our’ Reality.

GP2C1989.jpgSee the intentional ‘Not Seeing’.

GP2C1988.jpgWe have knowingly mis-directed our attention to a conceptual creation We created, in order to experience the illusory finiteness of past and future. See the movie of time actually take place in the caldron of eternity and no time. The ‘movie of time’ has taken place in ‘time’ after timelessness. In other words, the illusion of time, appears to have standing after eternity, while all of conceptual time, which is illusional by nature, has occurred in timelessness, and never, ever left the field of timelessness.

GP2C1987.jpg‘Seeing’ is only possible from the point of view of Self. It is not possible to ’See’ from an illusory self. If the illusory self seeks to ’See’, then it is akin to asking the impropriety of illusion to ‘do’ something that illusion can never accomplish, due to it’s inherent falseness. 

GP2C1996.jpgThe ’seeking’ is a compounding of problems. One of which is going to an illusory future with pure illusion. That ‘view’ is clearly insufficient to render what Is already Present Now. It is a movement, when there is no need for a movement, to an another insufficient ’idea’ (seeking), expecting to find something that has been Present even before the search began.

GP2C1998.jpgBeing the Moment is recognizing there is no real future. Any movement to past/future can only be away from Presence.

GP2C1991.jpgSeeking and ’Not Seeing’ is believing that we can carry over ‘something’ , which we presumably created, into the nothing of ’Nothingness’.  But there is no doer that can seek, ‘See’, or create anything. The doer is wrong view. It is the presumptive doer that is ‘Not Seeing’ and wants ‘something’ that only the imagined future can provide.

Having these ‘time’ zones is convenient for the doer and for the completion of the motion picture. The doer and the movie are not real. But the movie is a real movie with the ‘doer’ playing a role in the production. The movie is always found in timelessness despite it’s start and finish in a period of time.

Our direct experience of ‘I Am’ is not a thought, if truly experienced. It Is. It Is other than thought and before thought, always. The add-on of a doer, seeker, or want-er, is not part of the existential Self.

GP2C1999.jpg“To invest one’s identity and security in something that appears, moves, changes and disappears is the cause of unhappiness.” -Rupert Spira

The ‘getting’, is a false start. We already Are. There is nothing to ‘do’, ‘get, or ‘understand’. That is all future and all illusion. There is no one to get an experience. There is only ‘Experiencing’ with the actor channeling without any act of claiming any ‘thing’.

GP2C1995.jpgThe act of getting and keeping is essentially the act of keeping the false self relevant despite it’s erroneous view. Once a view is established, limitation becomes part of the deal. 

‘No view’ is the view where the illusion and the Ineffable can exist. ‘No view’ is ’not two’.

Be the Now.

GP2C2000.jpgLove the Love, Daddy’O 

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