GP2C2020.jpgThere is nothing to add or subtract. And there is no-one to ‘do’ anything.

‘It’ just Is. ‘It’ Is complete. Fullness has no absence. To suggest more, is merely an inability to See everything. To suggest less, is to miss eternity Itself.

This is not a perspective. The mind has perspective. An unfiltered and raw stream Is the Openness We Are. “I like this” and “I like that” are always found with “I don’t like this” and “I don’t like that”.

GP2C2014.jpgIf the above statements are not separation and ‘closed-ness’, then where is the justification of worshipping these idols?

GP2C2018.jpgBeing a dictator is not benevolence and the acceptance of diversity. Controlling outer circumstances while inner circumstances are dismissed, is living an appalling life. There is no match-up to integrity. Acceptance is not present outwardly nor inwardly, under these circumstances.

GP2C2017.jpgSeparation between ourselves and others and separation from our own inner Fullness, is the consequence of ‘pushing’ a dead agenda of ideas over substance. 

GP2C2007.jpgThe ground-less ground of Being is ‘not knowing’ and not presuming we ‘know’. Freedom from being bound by a concept of ‘needing to know’, is not possible when ‘pushing’ for the ‘knowing’. It only limits us to the confines of the prison called ‘things’. ’Things’ are what is perceived -not ’The Perceiving’. 

When there is a ’no-thing-ness’ that cannot be put into some convenient box, why do we still persist in ‘doing’ just that, with likes/dislikes and presumed ‘needs’?

GP2C2009.jpgThe willingness to let go of finding the ‘know’ or concluding a presumed investigation on the superficial evidence of ‘conceptualizing’, is letting go of dross. Seeing that the thinking mind cannot operate without objects/concepts is preliminary. Seeing the dead-end path of ‘this’ superficiality, is immediately followed by a natural ’letting go’.

‘What we see’ is then replaced with Seeing from the vast Open-ness of ‘just’ Seeing. There is no reason to conclude anything as ‘it’ is constantly changing from the unchanging Source.

GP2C2015.jpgThe stability, is not in making a ‘noun’ out of everything but in realizing the no-noun-ness of Being Itself and It’s temporary phenomena.

True Nature is pure not-knowing. It Is a no-definition of Self as ‘It’ Is not a concept and is not definable. It Is prior to the ‘somethings’.

Resting as ‘not knowing’ is counter-intuitive according to the mind. ‘That’ superficiality of mind may be compelling only if we allow the trance of ‘needing to know’ to continue.

Falling’ into the unknown of ’not knowing’ is uncertainty being welcomed fully. Having no certainty is having ‘nothing’. Nothing is the starting point of ‘everything’.

GP2C2010.jpgFalling’ into ‘nothing’ is at the same time falling’ into ‘something’, but ‘that’ Is not a thing. The ‘something’ of ‘nothing’ Is Everything. This Is the ‘Aliveness’ we feel Present.

The ‘Aliveness ‘ needs no ‘doer’ as there Is only Being. We are being lived from the ‘Priorness’.

“In you, as in each human being, there is a dimension of consciousness far deeper than thought. It is the very essence of who you are. We may call it presence, awareness, the unconditioned consciousness.” -Eckhart Tolle

There Is only ‘This’. ‘This’ Is It. 

GP2C2016Love the Love, Daddy’O

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