GP2C2053The ‘alleged me’ cannot find the Ineffable, due to a mis-identity at the very outset.  

When the ‘me’, that is suffering and looking for relief from the burden of oppressiveness, ‘it’ looks for escape to concepts of enlightenment, awakening, and Oneness.

GP2C2042.jpgThe fact is , that the ‘alleged me’ is now still looking, without knowing, and that ‘it’ is still an imposter, despite  the new improved status that is presumably created to get meaningful spirituality.   Immediately, the seeking status is compromised, as the ‘alleged me’ is dragged along.

Delusion has once again, firmly supplanted, the obviousness and directness of experiential ‘knowing’. That is, knowing Self through Self cannot be operationalized, due to the newly manufactured spirituality, to wit, a ’further’ departure from Self, by a better ‘spiritual’ imposter.

GP2C2022.jpgContinued or renewed, looking through  the ‘imposter self’, changes nothing substantively, in getting closer to the realization of Self.

When looking from the narrow view of an ‘alleged’ me, for improved spirituality, failure can only become the assured destiny. And failure then ultimately becomes the new starting point where we may realize that ‘that’ well-treaded path is not worth resuming. 

GP2C2024.jpgStill, starting from nothing, the imposter (aka the ‘alleged’ me) is the one that can start the journey into getting past itself, when not misunderstanding that ‘that’ starting point, ‘is’ the point where the ‘conceptual imposter self’ ceases to exist in any meaningful way.  Losing the imposter means there is an unmistakeable clarity in seeing the imposter, as not permitted to journey to the Eternal Now due to it’s implicit falseness.

GP2C2025.jpgTo suggest that an illusory self, that has hollowness at it’s core, is sufficient to travel to “What Is”, is to not have clarity. Clarity is always Present but not available when occluded by conditioned thinking and specious beliefs.

The clarity of true identity can be accessed when the “tornado of me” is not taking up all the bandwidth. The Silence, the “I Am-ness”, the Seeing without noun-ing everything, all can point to the implicit ‘Knowing of Self’. Imposters and delusions arise and fall. Beingness is eternally Present witnessing the arrivals and departures. Resting ’there’is the rest we were looking for, i.e. ’The Looking’.

Continuation of the mobile prison that was created by self to warehouse and incarcerate the same suffering self, is only the reinvestment of limited thinking and finite mind. The current ‘imposter’ will claim the ‘new’ spirituality giving seeming rise to another imposter. Here, the ‘one’ that is claiming is not the Silence but the now ‘cooler me’(aka another imposter).

The ‘claiming’ is the go-to methodology of the imposter. Beingness has no need to claim as it just ‘Is’. Seeing the ‘claiming’, can catch the stealing of identity. However, the stealing and claiming will continue as long as attention is being given to it. The spaciousness of no ‘my’ will give the distance necessary for all that claiming to become moot. No ‘my’ is no ‘alleged me’.

GP2C2038.jpgWhen we do not claim to have an epiphany, when we don’t claim to ‘get it’, and when we do not claim to ‘know it’, only then are we seeing the noun called the imposter.

GP2C2040.jpgGP2C2035.jpgBeing, Awareness, Bliss are the verbs that never noun, except seemingly. See the ‘imposter’ claiming the nouns of identity. False identity is missing the ‘aliveness’ of Being. 

Without the construct of time, we are already ’There’. The journey is ‘no journey’. Effortlessness makes sense here as there is nothing to do or get done when It IS. There is no necessity for any ‘thing’like an imposter, to ‘do’ anything. Being free is Being free of any nouns of identity.

“Right in the Heart of this moment, right in the Heart of Being is a bottomless wellspring of life, of freedom that wants to live through you unlimited, untamed and undefended in any way. The fountain of the true Self. It is this that is alive inside calling you to this Truth.” -Clare Blanchflower

Be the Moment of Now, as forever has no start or end.

Love the Love, Daddy’O


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