I Am Here Now.

No more needs to be known, as pining for knowledge of Self is futile. It is the mind’s attempt to grab at something to define ‘nothing’. That ‘Suchness’ is not reachable with the limited topped out capacity of mind.

DSC00970True Self is not definable, at least not in the conceptual way of defining things. Because it is not definable, then throwing more knowledge at ‘It’, is futility incarnate.

Waiting for understanding to arise through the vehicle of ‘more’ knowledge, is an activity that, by it’s nature, is pure distraction from ‘just’ Being. It is getting caught by the shiny objects that presumably have glory in the overplayed hand of ‘presumed’ higher knowledge.

DSC00991.jpgThe higher knowledge that is Present is not the higher knowledge of the mind. The difference is that the mind continues to posit the falseness of ‘separateness’ or illusion in it’s definition of knowledge.

The illusion of separateness is operating on the downgrading of Reality Itself into the ‘dream’ of self. There is no ‘there’ there as the ‘dream’ has no ‘dreamer’, just the illusion of a ‘dreamer’. Additionally, the temporariness of the ‘dream’ is in another illusion called ‘time’. 

DSC00990.jpgThe ‘knowledge’ that is there, is essentially there for the construction of the dream and to point back to the act of ‘Dreaming’, which is the permanence of True Knowledge and is undefinable, at least in ‘dream’ terms. 

DSC00993.jpgConsider our habit of sincerely wanting to think our way out of our lack of a deep enduring satisfaction. It is the same view, trying out different degrees of effort and commitment, to changing paths of knowledge we encounter. These knowledge pathways are born in the field of illusion. Their source code is fleeting, changing, and cannot be the ‘undefinable Truth’. These paths are inherently limited given the limited field that spawns them.

DSC00988.jpgThe ‘seeking’ always puts the mind in play. To ‘not’ seek is considered heretical to spirituality. But “What Is” would not be “What Is” if we had to seek it! “What Is” does not need ‘seeking’ to survive. “What Is” Is timelessly permanent. To add to ‘It’ is to subtract and obscure ‘It’.

DSC00979.jpgThere is a beautiful simplicity in Being Here Now as I Am.  Adding things to ‘It’ does nothing to enhance It’s ‘Isness’. Acquired knowledge is another ‘thing’. Having a need to be liberated is an idea that is a direct assault

on the fact and experience of “What Is” and It’s nature of being Eternally Present.

DSC00992.jpgHaving a committed allegiance to an idea like personal liberation is analogous to not seeing the sun on a sunny day. There is no improving the ‘I Am’. The ‘I Am’ is before even experience. ’This’ is where everything arises. And there is no ‘one’ there to give or get experience.

DSC00989.jpg“The Knowing with which the mind seems to know objects, others and the world, belongs to our Self, ever-present, unlimited Awareness, just as the light with which the moon illuminates the earth belongs to the sun.” -Rupert Spira

There is no where to stand to accept experience and move it forward to some idea that does not exist. There is just falling into Self. The ‘falling’ is the rest, as it is free enough to let go. 

There is no higher state than ‘I Am’. ’That’ which Sees ‘It’ cannot be seen.

DSC00973.jpgLove the Love, Daddy’O 


3 thoughts on “I AM HERE

  1. Well said! This is very clear and direct in it’s Pointing to the Nonverbal “I AM”, our very Beingness. Thank you for sharing it.
    Namaste’ 🙏 ❤

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