GP2C2064.jpgWhy do we demand to seek the differentiation of eternal time? Is the undifferentiated ’Now’ to be parsed to be useful? For functionality and seeming knowledge of ‘what’s happening’ do we do precisely that? The ‘lens’ of time is a ‘lens’ we often put in front of Our Seeing. Is that necessary? Will ‘Seeing’ decompose to a lesser state sans ‘lens’?

GP2C2065.jpgFor functionality, timing is NOT optimized by putting the construct of time in front of Seeing. It is not that time isn’t useful in sorting out the phenomena of the action on the stage of life. It Is. It is good to ’stage timing’ to know when the script indicates appearance. But it is the Director that really calls the shots, script and/or ad lib.

The key is ‘where’ (and when) time falls in. If timing causes a failure to hear the Director’s silent direction, because ‘timing’ (past, present, future) was given first listen, then the play is at the mercy of the fictional character and becomes rudderless. Time is a conceptual tool, whose birth is clearly after Beingness (aka The Director). Being time itself, the Director’s cue is innate and perfectly executed.

GP2C2066.jpgThe play of life needs ‘time’ only because it is the play of the phenomenological. ‘Time’ cannot be shoved down the mouth of eternity lest we immediately compromise eternity with finiteness. Eternity is unchangeable.

In the world where time is measured and allotted in increasing amounts of smaller bits, the accuracy of measurement only gets more sophisticated and precise due to tolerances of machinery and science demanding it. Cooling the atoms of an atomic clock to absolute zero is essentially an attempt to get to the deepest core of Being Itself, where nothing changes and eternity abides effortlessly.

GP2C2055.jpgBeing “in the zone” is Being in time with eternity. Time stops. Timelessness frees the phenomena to be somewhat free of phenomena. And it all still happens in the seeming artifice of time. Time comes back but eternity never quits Being eternity. Ergo, ‘Eternity’ is always first priority and always the starting and end point.

GP2C2059.jpgThe essential point being, to put the presumed importance of time before timelessness, is to not see clearly, the Director, and then to consequently and subsequently deride the script, with improper ad libs. Phenomenological timing is in harmony with eternal harmony when eternal harmony is sourced first as the base, with actions taken from that base. The Eternity, that is prior to the phenomenological atomic clock, is what the atomic clock is actually, ultimately, geared to.

GP2C2068.jpgWhen we ‘gear to’ the eternal atomic clock, we clearly acknowledge where optimal timing comes from. For the separate self to suggest that ‘it’ has optimal timing, is false identity personified.

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are not true starting points, ever. They are time. Time is derivative of eternity. The Eternal is the source of true time (timelessness) and a perfect constant affirmation of all things phenomenal. The unity of constant affirmation gives an un-daunting harmony to enormous complexities, of which the Eternal Presence of Unity Consciousness is always fully abiding.

GP2C2062.jpgWe Are only ever here now. We Are not the constructs we build. They service us. We do not service them.

By falsely referencing time as the first cause, concurrent with the further mis-identification with temporal forms, time is degraded at the outset.The contraction of identification with the forms of life is precisely that, a contraction. Separate self is a contraction of time and form, meaning, that it is not what is happening now. Fullness is timelessness just happening in the Now. What is happening does not need time and the separate self, to help in creating this harmony.

‘Stepping into Eternity’, is still ‘separateness’ in the act of stepping into something. There is no ‘stepping’ and there is no ‘something’. We already Are ‘that’ Eternity and We Are already ‘that’ Now. Always Now first, as ‘It’ Is.

GP2C2061.jpg“The ultimate truth of who you are is not I Am this or I am that, but I am.” -Eckhart Tolle

image.pngLove the Love Daddy’O

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