GP2C2091.jpgThe Self of Awareness is luminous to Itself. The self of manufactured self is reflected and diminished luminance . The limitation on self as created object, is an imposition that is only indigenous to the dualistic self. 

When self is a noun, then limitation shows up, as the verb-ing of Self cannot continue, in this distorted venue. I Awareness never really stops to become a noun, except ‘seemingly’ so. When noun-ing, Higher Self’s Stillness and Movement are limited to a single point in time which makes It in conflict with the True Nature of eternal Beingness. 

GP2C2074.jpgThe light of Awareness never actually diminishes but appears to seemingly indulge in this limitation.

GP2C2080.jpgWhen we broadcast from the belief of false self, we engage in the acting upon the premise of limitation. Nevertheless, Our True Nature remains unchanged and seemingly appears to be inaccessible. The “lens of me” covers up and clouds the brilliance of expressing and accessing the unlimited bandwidth of effortless Knowing/Being.

Conditioning and unchecked beliefs in identifying with body/mind, block the view called ’Seeing’. ’Seeing’ Self and separate self cannot be readily seen from the very singular view of only ‘me’. The ranting and constant raving about the needs of the separate self have hardened the heart. 

GP2C2084.jpgThe armoring is needed, as the fallacious noun cannot be revealed, lest the ‘idea’ of false self will expose the scam. Noun-ing is the one-trick pony that must occur constantly, in order to affirm an otherwise illusory nature. Ergo, the need for all that bandwidth.

The above falseness is an egregious load on the separate self. And this loading is completely unnecessary. The load is lifted by changing the view, Seeing the structured conditioning and Seeing Self incarnate.

GP2C2082.jpgStaying with the witnessing, is the knowledge that ‘this’ immersion will subsequently yield greater inculcation, and where full integration occurs resulting in effortlessness in Being being solidified.

Hanging out with ‘Luminosity’ full-time, has benefits. Letting go of the drag of dross has benefits. Changing the view is clearly a starting point for substantive reveals in Consciousness. 

The reveal is the light of ‘Knowing’ seemingly turning on to open the door, which is ’no door’. The Luminosity was always there. The door was never really there. But now the view has changed.

GP2C2083.jpg“When we understand that what we deeply long for can never be found in an object, substance, activity, relationship or state, our longing naturally and effortlessly loses its direction and dynamism, flows back to its source, and is revealed as the happiness for which we were in search.” -Rupert Spira 

The downloads occur when we tune in to the unseen frequencies of Self that are more real than any previous illusory idea we had about ‘things’. Before and behind ‘things’ is the ‘Isness’ of Our Being. Always Present Now. 

GP2C2075.jpgOur Presence is always available at all times as We are always ‘Seeing’ all the time. Being with the ‘Seeing’ is ‘ Seeing’. The accessibility of ‘Seeing’ has never left Us for a second. The ‘leaving’ was only found in the separate self. The Ineffable formless Self Is everything and cannot leave. It Is the Sustainer.

GP2C2086.jpg“Seeing’ and ‘Knowing’ are only available from the luminosity of Self Itself. 

Be ‘that’, effortlessly.

GP2C2071.jpgLove the Love, Daddy’O

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