The mind is an object, as are the thoughts perseverated on by the mind. Objects do not have Consciousness, except in the sense that Consciousness has everything. Every ‘thing’ arises from Consciousness and abides in Consciousness.

GP2C2106.jpgThe appearances of thought are appearances that do not have the permanence and stability of eternity existing as eternity.

When we talk about ‘Consciousness’, we stick a non-concept into a conceptual framework, compromising the ‘essential-ness’, for the convenience of the mind. To talk and conceptualize about ‘It’ is immediately imposing limitation/separation.

To suggest that ‘Awareness’ is not a thought, is to overtly underscore the frugality of continuing to use an inadequate structure called the ‘mind’,  to do the calculus of infinity.

GP2C2112.jpgThe pointing, is to the view of  ‘what is’, not to the prototypical mind and it’s failed attempt to digest the indigestible.

Having a ‘thought’ about Awareness is always coming from the limited view of ‘thought’. Having Awareness about ‘thoughts’ is changing the view to substantially reducing the influence of ‘thoughts’ relative to using the ‘Prior-ness’ of Awareness.

GP2C2107.jpgMaintaining the view of thoughts as secondary, as a permanent view; reduces the falseness of self, gradually revealing Self  as the Prior-ness to all thoughts.

Now, the presumed ‘thinker’ is no longer presumed, as there is no longer an imaginary object that produces thoughts, i.e. the thinker.

The ‘thinker’ never was real and never was really in control of thoughts, despite ‘the thinking’ that believed all that. 

Thoughts arise from Consciousness and are later claimed by the mind with ‘m’ and ‘y’asserting a false self and ‘thinker’.  The charade is merely conceptual belief.

GP2C2104.jpgDirect experience of the ‘Prior-ness’ , reveals a non-object. Awareness never falters in It’s Presence, as it Is the Conscious contact that Is Seeing, Tasting, Touching, Smelling, and Hearing effortlessly. These 5 gates are the conduits for the eternal ‘on’ of Awareness. Awareness is never ‘off’.

The artificial dominance of thought  breaks up the ‘experiencing’. We over-value objects. Contrasting, ‘That’ which is aware of thoughts, and is receiving everything at full value, without any diminishing of Self. Identification with objects (thoughts) is mind-based. Thoughts and other appearances in Consciousness are very temporary visitors expressing their limited vocabulary, on the surface of this vast ocean. 

GP2C2114.jpgGP2C2099.jpgTo abide in the Ineffable Awareness, is to have the primary view of Awareness as the starting point of nothing and everything happening constantly. The intersection with objects and Awareness has no adverse effects on Awareness. The basis of objects is Awareness, making Awareness integrated and undiminished.

“See thoughts and feelings like a train that enters a station and then leaves; be like the station, not like a passenger.” -Rupert Spira

The perseverating of thoughts, clouds reality with concepts, missing the sum and substance of existential Being. Thoughts cannot be the conveyance to getting past the separate  artificial self. Thoughts have gone too far away from Source to realize Source. 

GP2C2113.jpgThe Ineffable Source of Being/Knowing  is always Present and is never diminished. ’That’ Is the conveyance that transports ‘Us’ to ‘Us’. The limited vocabulary of objects hides the obvious “I Am” which is not a thought.

Love the Love,



  1. Fantastic post! This is exactly what I was consolidating into words earlier to share on another platform. You nailed it my friend! Thank you…
    Namaste’ 🙏 ❤

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