The desperation is unrelenting. Does it have to be so hard? Are there just short vacations between the onslaughts of strife? Is there a happiness that is not concluded with a termination date?

DSC01019.jpgDSC01016.jpgAre we just dying to live? 

DSC01017.jpgAre the goal posts moving farther out of reach as we approach? Can anything or anybody save this god- forsaken world? OR is our perspective all wrong?

DSC01002.jpgThe testing has been going on a long time without a seeming long-term solution. Dying sometimes appears to be the only relief.

Except, what dies is not the body/mind. What dies is the idea of being the body/mind. 

DSC01039.jpgWhen we so forcefully grab at reality for the ‘seeming self’, we unseemingly get attached/identified with the ‘seeming self’. This has been said and heard by us before. But do we realize that we completely missed the message?!

DSC01038.jpgThe pointing is not to the ’seeming self’. The message is to the permanent Self, from the permanent Self.

DSC01037.jpgIt is only with the death of the illusory self that real relief can be found. Concurrent with that death, is the complete divestment of our structured debt obligation, we have amassed in creation of this illusory self. 

DSC00999.jpgOur belief and conditioning in the illusory self cannot continue to abide , as it is ‘that’ that binds us to the false imprisonment.

DSC00998.jpgThe abandonment of the whole structure is necessary in order to be liberated from it’s influence. It’s influence, is our attachment to the thoughts, perceptions, sensations, and unidentified beliefs we recycle daily in our waking/sleeping moments. 

DSC01026.jpgAll ‘that’ must die to live the aliveness that is always happening with complete freedom. What dies is illusion. 

DSC01028.jpgWhat is it the makes up illusion? Just illusion. Reality was never un-whole. It just appeared that way from a jaundiced view.

DSC01027.jpgThe death of an illusion need not be mourned, as it was only a seeming illusion. The Reality never suffers as It’s wholeness is never diminished by illusion. Illusion literally means nothing.

DSC01029.jpgThe point is that the starting point does NOT begin with the illusion. The starting point has never changed. The starting point has always been here and Now, as there is nothing else, including time, to say otherwise.

DSC01025.jpgWhen we abide in the illusory and seeming self, we abide in illusion. This is because we dis-allow the ’Openness’ with our seeming need for following thoughts i.e. identification with thoughts as us. 

DSC01040.jpgOpenness never pushes. Illusion constantly pushes. Openness is effortless acceptance, while the illusory self requires enormous maintenance as it is not even real.

DSC01036.jpgFull acceptance versus a painful contraction of pushing, clearly distinguishes direction and starting point.

Resting as what is observing the illusion relieves the need to push. Appearances of thoughts, conditioning, memory, and identification are divested from the blind commitment that previously characterized one’s view.

DSC01000.jpgThe Openness allows without vetting, all comers and goers. The Openness is unaffected by what is perceived, as it Is the Perceiving only.

DSC01001.jpgThe appearances all have a short self-life. Illusions do not even have a shelf-life as they are imposters in time. They have never really existed. Their death was not even a death since they were never really born.

Abiding in a thought-based environment means that we believe in our little opinions, ideas, and predilections. Letting go of all that is necessary because the ‘m’ and ‘y’ in that, is what binds us to the illusion. When we free ourselves from this attachment we can easily accept the “What Is” effortlessly.

“All that is experienced is experience, but there is no independent self that experiences and no independent object, other or world that is experienced. There is just the experiencing of experience, and it is ‘experiencing’ that experiences experience.” -Rupert Spira 

The Perceiving, the Openness, freely accepts life without the need to be the arbiter and/or dictator of life. Consciousness Is everything to include the starting and end point, as it is the same. 

To live is to die first. What dies, can die. What lives, can’t die. See the effortless permanence that breathes life through us all, always. There is only Openness Perceiving Self. Rest here, watching the characters, appearances, and seeming dramas. This seat is the best seat in the theater.

Live life Here and Now.

Love the Love, Daddy’O 

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