There is no chooser. There is no choosing. There is no chosen. There is nobody to love.

There is only love.

Love is not choosing as there is no one to choose. The One is only One and not two.

DSC01085.jpgAnd the body is merely a vehicle for Love to be broadcast. Loving the internet because of its broadcasting powers, is not necessary for it to work. Similarly, the vehicle is merely the medium used for transacting love. The vehicle needs the fuel of animation for it to work. Love needs nothing as It is everything.

The vehicle can be directed to operate in the traffic of phenomena. When the appearances of living phenomena arise, the felt sense of Love can be part of that ascendancy.

DSC01132.jpgThough, Love remains Love regardless of what medium is used. Ramping up love is never necessary due to the fact that it can never be diminished.

DSC01107.jpgThe capacity of love seemingly differs among the human vehicles. The difference is not due to love itself modulating the quality and/or quantity of love. 

DSC01137.jpgThe difference can be accounted for by the dreaming of the dream. Only in the dreaming of the unreal dream, does love suffer a loss or gain in the quantity/quality. And the dreaming is Love dreaming the dream. Love can seemingly be lost only in the dream.

The aliveness of what’s happening, is love reflecting It’s Presence in the appearance called life.

DSC01106.jpg“To know the world is to be the world, and to be the world is to love the world.”-Rupert Spira

DSC01179.jpgThe multiplicity of vehicles does not result in a-division of love. Love remains full and undiminished.

Vehicle fleets may increase or decrease. The amount of inventory has no impact on having enough love.  

Love does not grow or lessen with time. Time is a construct that was created through the prism of the mind. Again, the True nature of Love is always un-diminish-able. It’s wheelhouse Is Eternity.

The necessity to do a division of love is a false assumption with no merit. Love diminished is no longer love. There is no ‘doing’ Love. There is only Being Love.

Love cannot be divided except seemingly.  Calling Love that is divided ‘Love’, is mislabeling what was supposed to be Love (unmolested).

DSC01110.jpgThere Is no changing the essential nature of Love as it is not a thing. Things are nouns. Love is an active verb, meaning Love Loves Love ad Infinitum.

Love was never created and can never die, unlike things.

Be Love, effortlessly. Effortlessly is allowing no differentiation.  There is a full acceptance for everyone and everything as all Is Love.

Love the Love, Daddy’ODSC01048.jpg

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