DSC01088 (1).jpgEverything is Divining.

The full acceptance of “What Is”, is total immersion in the Divine. To not have one preference in any direction, other than knowing the Knowing, is to clearly See the Being of Being. Meaning there is no ‘other’ where disenfranchised energy can wander to.

DSC01101.jpgAcceptance of the “What Is” is not true acceptance, when 50%, 75%, or even 90% of what our understanding is, is filtered through dross. Partial preferences are not viable. Any viability based on an illusory figure, is illusory. When we give any illusion reality, it steals the show.

IMG_0126.jpgUnfortunately, it doesn’t take a whole lot to distort Truth, when Truth cannot truly be Truth and contemporaneously be an object. Mis-placement of honoring a one-dimensional ‘idea’ as Truth, deprives us of experiencing Fullness as un-conditional.

DSC01117.jpgThe torture of suffering abides easily when we unknowingly misrepresent Consciousness as second to the world and to our mind/body. This is the objectification of Consciousness, i.e. a ‘thing’.

DSC01109.jpgConsciousness, precedes any noun-ing to include the body/mind, perceptions, sensations, feelings, and thoughts. The no-thing-ness of Consciousness is a reference to the emptiness of infinite potential that precedes any thing or noun-making. The elemental problem is often the assumption that we can find Consciousness like any other noun.

DSC01134.jpgWhat is looking, feeling, tasting, touching, hearing, is the forgotten witness of conscious contact. Forgotten because of It’s eternal ubiquity and non-nouning. What is perceiving, cannot be known like a noun can be known. The knowing of Knowing is independent of any phenomena. That Knowing is eternally Present and independent of acknowledgement or un-acknowledgement. ‘It’ Is the eternal witness witnessing thought-less-ly.

DSC01092.jpgBeing aware of “What Is”, is Knowing. It Is Knowing Self (verbing) with no other (noun). Being aware of the Knowing has no need for nouns or objects. Being aware of objects is being aware of phenomena arising from Consciousness Itself. Consciousness has no identity in that there is no noun to identify with.

DSC01138.jpgWhen we reach for the shiny objects, aka thoughts, we invest in the dross not the substance of life. The act of reaching and claiming the shiny object is the beginning of the mis-identification and concretion of false self. The repetition is necessary to sustain the illusion that really has no life at all.

IMG_0125 (1).jpgLosing the false identity, as the source of consciousness, is finding Consciousness as only Consciousness. Consciousness starts and ends with Consciousness, meaning there is never any ‘thing’ to ever find. What appears in Consciousness is not sustainable except through Consciousness and It’s play. The Dreaming dreams the dream. The screen allows the movie to play. The screen is first, the movie is temporarily second.

DSC01100.jpg“Don’t lose yourself in thoughts and feelings; let them lose themselves in you.” -Rupert Spira

We Are the ‘no beginning’ and ‘no end’ of DSC01116.jpgConsciousness ad infinitum.

Love the Love, Daddy’ODSC01065.jpg

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