IMG_0139To ask when we can have happiness and under what conditions, is to not know happiness, as happiness has no basis in time and is not conditional. ‘When’ is not an appropriate question to ask, ever. To ‘seek’ happiness in time, is to look away from happiness. To find the source of happiness, is to not look for happiness in the dream, ever.

DSC01167.jpgDSC01161 (1).jpgDSC01070.jpgHappiness Is present as It is Presence Being. There is no getting happiness as it is not a gift or an object. It cannot be given as It Is everywhere/nowhere. Meaning that our True Nature is Happiness located everywhere while never being found anywhere. It cannot be found and cannot be ignored. It Is.

DSC01156 (1).jpgWhether ‘we’ realize it or not, happiness is always Present. It’s current form is formless but can be seemingly corralled by experientially feeling our ‘aliveness’, that is permanent and fresh as freshness can be. It is the subtle movement of energy moving within us and outside of us -actually not respecting any boundaries, to include the closed body/mind idea.DSC01211.jpg

The refresh rate of happiness is off the charts, with no energy ever being expended, i.e. effortlessness. Contrast that with maintaining false self and the “tornado of me”.DSC01194.jpg

DSC01208.jpgHappiness cannot be found in the past or the future, as those timezones cannot contain the vibrance of happiness. The non-Now bandwidth is too distorted and small to contain all ‘that’. The modulation of past/future as seeming reality, is only tragically reductive. The ‘aliveness’ is just not there.

DSC01125 (1).jpgIf happiness is always Present, how could an event or experience say that it was the cause?!

DSC01182.jpgThat assumption of controlling happiness is an absurdity. The permanence of happiness precludes events and experiences of defining limitations to what is unlimited. For happiness to appear in starts and fits, is not to have clarity as to what happiness Is. Happiness Is always abiding no matter what our protestations are and how hard we yell them.

DSC01206.jpgHappiness Is the immutable Priorness to the dreaming and seeming of so-called reality. The aliveness and joy of happiness is a permanent feature of the substrate of all phenomena. This bedrock cannot be found in the ‘dream’. And the ‘dream’ (unfortunately) is where we begin our search. ‘It’ Is before the dreaming and It is ultimately what the dreaming is made of. The Priorness Is Happiness. The ‘dream’ is the ‘dream’ in the ‘space’ of dreaming, which is Happiness/Priorness dreaming (verbing).

DSC01129.jpgIn other words, happiness is the starting/end point of even dreaming, but happiness never really starts or stops in the dream. Like the ’Now’, it is not linear like time. ‘Time’ is after the ’Now’ but ‘time’ is still inundated with the ’Now’. To separate happiness from the ’Now’ is to not understand Fullness. The separateness is only there in duality with the help of time.

DSC01144.jpgDSC01131.jpgHappiness Is, unabashed. It is the field of Being everything. To start every single moment from ‘Us’ (this field), is to be constantly coursing happiness with an authenticity that is so alive, it naturally attracts more of the same. The liberation is the knowing of ‘this’ happiness is accessible everywhere and at all times and places, as effortlessly as Being ‘Us’.

DSC01123.jpg“Our Self, Awareness, is like an open, empty, allowing space. As such, we resist nothing, hold nothing, seek nothing. Thus, happiness is our essential nature.” -Rupert Spira 

DSC01149.jpgDSC01175.jpgAppearing to be happy is not ‘happiness’ effortlessly happening. There is no programming happiness as there is nothing before happiness. It Is pure Being. It Is our True Nature, Now. Aliveness Being alive Is happiness.DSC01143.jpg

Love the Love, Daddy’O

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