Who is the ‘I’? Is ‘I’ the thinker, the doer, or the receiver? The thinker, the doer, the receiver are dead nouns.

IMG_0169.jpgThey do not exist except in the story or screenplay we have created to make this movie called “Our Life”. We can replay the movie a million times, but the characters still do not exist outside of the movie. Outside the movie, there are no characters. Even if we want to believe there are characters outside the movie, it does not make the characters any more real.

The thinker, the doer, the receiver are only in a fictional movie, never having any real life or death.

DSC01193 (1).jpgIf “Our Life” is just a movie with illusory characters, then there is a start and a stop, a beginning and end, to the movie. The movie is of course in time. But where is ‘time’? Is ‘time’ part of the artificial movie while eternity contains all ‘things’ to include ‘time’? Yes.

IMG_0163.jpgBut what about the ‘I’? Is the ‘I’ illusory for 7 and one-half billion people? ‘I’ is the imaginary thinker, the imaginary doer, and the imaginary receiver receiving the pleasure and pain, giving drama and pathos to the character. Imagination is not Reality.

DSC01144.jpgThe character is analogous to the wearing of a garment. The garment appears to have life only when it is worn by the actor. It is the actor that animates the garment.

DSC01209 (1).jpgAnimation makes the world go round. Without animation, there is no life or verb-ing. The garment is a noun. There is an actor but this actor is not a noun. The presumed actor is the constant refreshing of animation. This animation never stops verb-ing or Being. Being is the noun-less actor.

When the garment is taking the identification as the ‘I’, then the cart is in front of the horse (ass-backwards). Life is hard when we engage it ass-backwards. Animation and luminance is not intrinsic to a lifeless garment. Animation and luminance is the verb-ing nature of Self.

Animation is intrinsic to animation Itself. Garments are present only for animation and cannot function well only as a garment. Ergo, the ‘I’ is not in the garment. The garment is in the ‘I’. The ‘I’ is unaffected with or without the garment.

Our common reference to ‘I’ in daily life is too often, exclusionary of animation, reducing our conscious contact to mediating dead objects/nouns. In other words, shiny objects steal the thunder of animation from animation.

“An object exists because we think about it; we don’t think about it because it exists.” -Rupert Spira

‘I’ shifting from being content to the contextual ‘I’, is essentially moving resources from the movie into Reality Itself. The characters are still not shifted out as they were never real at any point. This shifting or choosing to ’See’, is Seeing from the full acceptance of not ‘doing’ or acting from the position of the false thinker, doer, receiver, et al. This ’Seeing’ is essentially never losing sight of “What Is”. It is the’I’ that is prior to everything including garments and other objects. Here, the view changes dramatically.

DSC01111.jpgNo longer is there a dumbing down to having shiny objects speak to the false construction of ‘I’. Seeing from the ‘I’ of formlessness, is seeing the futility of embracing temporal forms that have no substance, but rather Seeing the ‘Seeing’ is the permanence of Being the Being without struggle.

Fulfillment in the act of grasping the futile goes nowhere fast. That ‘I’ has a delusionary focus making it hard to see past.

The “I Am” is the face of Emptiness/Formless/Beingness. That ‘I’ Is. That existential ‘I’ Is the animation of 7 and one-half billion garments, Being only Being. ’That’ is changing the world with innate effortlessness. And it is only a shift away from conditioning and identification.

Being the witness ‘I’, is acceptance without reservation and without the need to know ‘things’ as they appear and disappear. Grasping and pushing are the outcomes of conditioning. They are not indigenous to Being. Being is free, beautiful and effortless.

More emptiness is less story and less density. The freshness of animation is completely different moment by moment, It refreshes. When the mind (thought) says “I heard this before”, that is a shiny object with a little camouflage. The ’shift’ will See this and not engage in that undermining thought.

Beingness Is the Priorness to every thing. Seeing the Seeing, Is to ‘See’ from the Fullness. Just this shift, moves the ‘I’ to what is Real from the unreal. The same world we saw before is Now animated without any need for a character to get involved.

There is no story in Beingness, just Beingness. That Is enough. The mind (thought) will be blown and the world becomes second to Being the bright light of Consciousness, first. The same light is available for all 7 and one-half billion of Us. ’This’ ‘I’ can change the world.

Love the Love Daddy’ODSC01210.jpg

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