The ‘Priorness’ is certainly prior. The creation is vast and inherently second. The ubiquity that is ‘Priorness’, is everything and everyone, that is, infinite potentiality and also, it’s subsequent expression.

The ubiquity and ‘Priorness’ remain unchanged, forever, regardless of time-based creation or non-creation. In using words to describe the indescribable, we say It is everything and nothing with no conflicts.

DSC01221.jpgThe point to be taken is that the primary position, as far as view is concerned, is monumental.

DSC01232.jpgThe common view we put forth to ourselves and everyone else, is that
‘Consciousness’ is in us, as a starting point. First the “us” is not separate and Is indeed Consciousness Itself. In other words, ‘Consciousness’ is in ‘Consciousness’ without a second. The ‘us’ is the separation issue.

DSC01245.jpgThe ‘us’ is not the only sticking point. It is exacerbated when the starting point is the over heralded second place of creation.

When starting at the consequence rather than the cause, we inject inherent difficulty in going back to the Source. Starting ’small’ is not starting at Vastness itself, when Vastness is the real ticket. Starting ‘small’ also has a myriad of traps that prevent the thorough inculcation of the ineffable. Ego, false self, thought-based emphasis, all have a better chance of keeping the ‘small’ small.

DSC01246.jpgConversely, starting at the vastness of the ‘Priorness’ is starting at ‘everything’. When starting at ‘everything’ nothing is eliminated , reduced , or second-ed. It Is all first without an artificial second.

Starting the ’Seeing’ at the infinite potential of pure nothingness is Source Itself. It Is Seeing from the fullness of Being first with consequence a distant second as it is.

DSC01247.jpgConsciousness Is. Happiness Is. Love Is. All 3 expressions are “Isness”. That is, they are interchangeable verbs without any noun-ing. They are all ‘Being’.

DSC01276.jpgLove is particularly instrumental in illustrating the Divine connection of Being. We Are Love loving Love at all times.

Everything is Love. Starting as ‘Everything as Love’, Love then knows no second even when downloaded into creation and things. There is no big shift necessary as everything downstream remains Love. Love appears to start big but it is only Love at It’s starting point of vastness and the fulfillment of potentiality of Self.

“To be present in and as all that is seen is to participate in life, not as a fragment amongst other fragments, but as Love, intimately one with all seeming objects and selves.” -Rupert Spira

DSC01281.jpgWhen ‘Everything’ Is Love first, then the small differences are not given any quarter to prosper. Their status is not artificially upgraded at the expense of Being Love always. The ‘small’ differences do not have the starting point they would have, if the start were at ‘small’ differences. Thereby, the ‘small’ differences are moot.

Not starting at the ‘consequence’ phase of creation is an elegant way of avoiding built-in trouble. It is so much easier when the Vastness is recognized and identified as the Us first, rather than fussing with the little ‘us’ and it’s complexities of small-ness.

Love Is the Cause and the consequence. Be Love First as the ‘Priorness’ and the ‘Vastness’ that is everything and everyone. The path is easier when there is no path. It just Is. The start is Love and Being first always as everyone and everything.

Love the Love, Daddy’ODSC01310.jpg

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