Fullness is everything despite being nothing. Nothing-ness contains everything as everything is manifestation. Manifestation is transitory, lacking sustenance. The sustenance ‘That Is’, is not in time. Sustenance is timelessness. 

Eternity is sustenance. Eternity has no time and space. Eternity is Isness ad infinitum. DSC01273Ergo, the impossibility of change, as typified in the transitory and temporal manifestation, is the imperative of changelessness, e.g. Fullness. Fullness is the changeless change of the universe, that is the sustainer.DSC01274.jpgNothing can be added and nothing can be subtracted from Fullness.

DSC01285.jpgFullness is unmanifested Beingness that has incredible stability due to it’s priorness to all manifestations. The stability has stability precisely because of the ‘no change’ ever-ness of the timeless ‘Now’.

The contrast between stability/instability, changelessness/change, and Fullness/emptiness is as marked as opposites get. While at the same time ‘Being’ is Being the opposite, ‘Being’ is Being with no opposites, i.e. Fullness.

DSC01267.jpgAll that, is occurring effortlessly due to the ‘no change’ in the infrastruture of the Now. Time is there to give the appearance of preventing manifestation from seemingly crashing into manifestation. Manifestation needs time in order to be manifestation, despite it’s birth from timelessness Itself.

DSC01227.jpgGiven our effort to have the base of existence, that is, eternity, as our base, we strive to achieve that, as our base. However, there is, as stated previously, nothing that can be added to ‘What already Is Now’. Any effort or will to even wish ‘that’ upon us, however munificent,is futile.

‘It’ Is already Present. No amount of ‘doing’ can do anything to bring about what is already there, regardless of any perceived need to achieve  ‘the idea’ of Fullness in ‘our’ lives. And ‘our’ is a perjorative term as it erringly assumes there is a difference from ‘not ours’. We Are ‘It’, right Now, without discrimination or ownership. 

DSC01223.jpgTo add to Fullness, again, is impossible even in our so-called lives. The central issue is -to add on anything, is immediately counterproductive to Being Being.

DSC01233.jpgAny ‘add-on’ is stepping away from Being and entering into the illusion of manifestation, especially when we take our feet out of Beingness to ‘do’ anything. Beingness must come first, as it is always prior and first with no second. Stepping out of Beingness is stepping out of Everything to engage in the futility of temporariness.

DSC01242.jpgOur identity Is Beingness, Existence, Bliss. When we identify with manifestation as our predominant identity, there is an ‘add-on’ that cannot contribute to Consciousness. Consciousness or Beingness cannot be given qualities indigenous to temporariness. To do so, is not to limit Consciousness but to limit ourselves from full Consciousness. 

DSC01239.jpgPerseveration of the illusory self by a constant barrage of likes/dislikes, wants, fear, attachment, and belief in the thought parade, does maintain the illusion and also limits access to “What Is”, our permanent nature. These ‘add-ons’ cannot stand with the contemporaneous-ness and aliveness of our Now. The add-ons are ‘dead’ weight.




“The fact that the current situation is present indicates that Awareness has already fully accepted it. It is only an imaginary self that subsequently resists it. In fact, the imaginary separate self comes into apparent existence as that resistance.” -Rupert Spira


IMG_0258.jpgWe are the bliss that cannot be found. Finding ‘it’ would mean ‘it’ was lost. Looking for ‘it’ would mean we are not coming from ‘it’. We Are always ‘it’, even when we are obscuring ‘it’. ‘It’ Is what Is Seeing right Now. There Is no other. Nothing else can be added to ‘it’.



Eternity is sustenance in Action. Be ‘That’ first and last. Love the Love, Daddy’O

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