Less is more when ‘it’ is not polluted with the extraneous. Loading up on dross is inherently counterproductive. The direct and simple designs have an elegance that is immediately preferable to an artificial complexity. Complexity for complexity’s sake is an anathema to efficiency. Efficiency in the utilization of resources has a preference over complexity, especially when going global.

DSC01250.jpgWhen things are as simple as simple can be without being simpler, then optimalness is reached. The optimum is lost when this simplicity is lost. Adding to the optimum is essentially subtracting from the optimum.

DSC01251.jpgSubtracting by adding the unnecessary, diminishes the whole.

DSC01253.jpgDSC01252.jpgThe whole is complete regardless of any belief that ‘thinks’ things will improve through ‘more’ and ‘more’. The sufficiency of the optimum is a conformance with natural law in that there is a mathematical and geometric harmony with a divine proportion e.g. The Golden Mean.

IMG_0329.jpgAdding ‘stuff’ to the magnificent harmony of subatomic particles and/or expanding universes, would invariably impair optimalness and  effortlessness of these appearances. The indescribable aliveness of the universe is certainly self-sufficient and self-evident, without our adding to it.

DSC01249.jpgIn spirituality, adding is subtracting. There is no achievement as everything is already achieved. ‘Achievement’ is denigrating to “What Is” already Present Now.

DSC01258.jpgBelief in the soul-less-ness of trying is making the self-evident a mystery. The desire ‘to know’ drives the addition that is a virtual subtraction.

DSC01271.jpg‘Not knowing’ in the cognitive sense, is the helpfulness in being able to receive the “Knowing” without creating obstacles in the path of no path. Not knowing is the avoidance of making conclusions about anything and everything. Conclusions are end points with no life left in them. They are conceptual and very limiting. Life is unlimited and far from dead.

DSC01277.jpgAccepting the ‘mystery’ is not knowing and not making any conclusions about it. Accepting it is not questioning it’s fullness. It’s fullness is glaringly obvious upon acceptance. The arguing is thinking we know everything to include the ‘unknown’

DSC01308.jpg“The fact that the current situation is present indicates that Awareness has already fully accepted it. It is only an imaginary self that subsequently resists it. In fact, the imaginary separate self comes into apparent existence as that resistance.”- Rupert Spira

The general tendency is to challenge what we do not know. This is good for non-spiritual matters. However, it is problematic spiritually, only because we then deny what is always Present. Seeing what is Present does not require an advance degree in astro-physics. Seeing requires an openness that conclusions absolutely obfuscate Presence.

We are ‘that’ that we are looking for.To keep on looking elsewhare is to chase our ancestral tail without end. ‘Presence’ reveals Presence.

There is nothing to add to Fullness. Fullness Is. The Fullness Is the Priorness that never left our Presence. Seeing the Presence that never left is Seeing Self with no additions from the mind, thought, or sensations. The completeness has always been complete. The discovery is Seeing the Seeing Being Here and Now in every Moment.

Love the Love, Daddy’OIMG_0329.jpg


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