The Kavanaugh hearing is a great current example of the authenticity of resonation, especially in this case, of a victim. The prosecutor was extremely sensitive to immediately highlight the victim’s terror present in her voice, in her first words to the victim. The victim’s resonation was clearly evoking the trauma that words alone can never come close to in communicating.GP2C2155.jpg

Aside from the voice transmitting the fear and currency of the still present trauma, the body demonstrated visible tremors for at least the first 30 minutes of her testimony. The obvious reluctance to be at this hearing crossed three modalities exposing explicit pain in those moments.GP2C2153.jpg 

Words are absolutely useful tools in communicating but they can never tell the truth nor the whole story. Truth can only be communicated through the resonation of the quality of energy while employing the end tools of words and voice and body -all filters of the source.GP2C2151.jpg

It is the resonation that carries authenticity and reality. Without it, words fall flat.GP2C2146.jpg

Even without the modality of words, resonation alone, can carry us to Us. How can this be?GP2C2147.jpg

The Reality that is Us, Is. The ‘Isness’ never leaves existence as It Is existence itself. The ‘Isness’  has an aliveness that is palpable. That is, It’s resonance.GP2C2148.jpg

’That’ resonance is the same resonance that preceded the Big Bang and all other phenomena. ‘It’ is not located anywhere despite It’s ubiquity. And most importantly, ‘It’ is located in us as Us. This ‘Us’ is in the body/mind but is not limited to just resonating in a particular body/mind. That resonation  is alive everywhere to include all body/minds. That resonation is Life Itself.GP2C2167.jpg

Not being connected to Being essentially means not being fully connected to

the aliveness we all Are . Even with a less optimal connection ‘this’ aliveness and resonation is still Present. Accessing It’s Fullness is the common problem.GP2C2164.jpg

As a response to a less than ideal connection to this infinite eternal resonance, a familiar response is to ‘try’ to make it better. The question is, who is trying to make  ‘ it’ better? And can ‘it’ be made better?GP2C2142.jpg

Can we make our innate resonance better by pushing discipline and good works as a path to higher resonation?GP2C2170.jpg 

The answer is of course is a clear and unambiguous ‘no’. The ‘we’ we think we are, cannot do anything to change the unchanging resonance of Resonance.GP2C2168.jpg

And Resonance can never be improved as it is never unstable i.e. unchanging.GP2C2175.jpg

Accessing whom We Are is the ticket to Resonance.GP2C2171.jpg

“Beauty is never seen, but every object is its footprint; love is never felt, but every feeling is its face; understanding is never known, but every thought shines with its light.” -Rupert SpiraGP2C2124 (1).jpgGP2C2138.jpg

The mis-appropriation of our resources into a false identity that is refreshed thousand of times a day, is our problem.  This false identity is an illusion that steals awareness and attention from the Source in order to sustain the unsustainable ‘me’. This ‘me’ cannot become anything but an illusion. Stuffing resources into it is a loss leader.GP2C2145.jpg

Whom we really Are is extant right Now and has been Present forever. This Resonation is pure authenticity. The tornado of thoughts and ‘me’, have hid the most obvious from being found as Self with no other self.GP2C2139.jpgGP2C2137.jpg

“Resonation” is not really a thing. It Is everything but a ‘thing’. Looking for a ‘thing’ finds nothing. Mind (and/or thoughts) find nothing and conclude nothing useful. While ‘nothing’, if indeed we are seeing the resonation of nothingness, is Everything. GP2C2132.jpg

Seeing the Resonation of Self is Seeing there is only one door necessary to the house we call home. Unlike the victim in the Kavanaugh case, there is no real need for two doors except for active trauma. There are not two selves nor two doors unless we insist there is, and then one is an illusion.GP2C2133.jpg

We choose the inner door of Love that has no distance from Us and Is Us always and everywhere. There is no fear when there Is only Love everywhere.GP2C2136.jpg

Resonate with ‘that’.GP2C2144.jpg

Love the Love, Daddy’O 

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