Resting in the fullness of not knowing is contrary to how we normally posit life. Why wouldn’t we know or at least want to know things? To suggest that we don’t finish our need to know by minimally exploring, is antithetical. It is the bane of any thriving civilization. So we say.

Resting in the fullness of not knowing is, at the same time, relishing uncertainty. Why would we not chase certainty? Is that not a goal of life -to nail down everything so our so-called life can be smooth throughout with a good finish?

IMG_0277 copy.jpgAnd what about reality and such? Are there some things that we can categorically ‘not know’? Or do we behave in a slovenly manner to the thought that everything can be known, cognitively and conceptually?

IMG_0254.jpgOur models of prediction and our mathematical algorithms can be predictive of some behavior but the certainty of the future remains largely uncertain. Uncertainty is just too implicit in the structure of the Universe. It’s vastness is ubiquitous. The variables are just too infinite.

Spiritually, we endeavor to ‘know thyself”. It is an age old maxim that is true and at the same time, misleading. Knowing Self is more like knowing that we do not know Self. And we cannot ‘know’ this mystery because ‘this’ is what is seeing and being. It is observation itself without the possibility of going back further. It is a full stop at this point which is no point. What is witnessing and ‘knowing’ everything, is the ‘Knowing’.

And the ‘Knowing’ is not conceptual/cognitive. It ‘Is’.

Normal everyday knowing is putting things into buckets or categories. There are no categories in ‘Knowing’. There is no separation in ‘Knowing’ to need buckets.

All the phenomenal knowledge we have is useless in the pursuit of Truth. The irrelevance is due to the implicit limitation of visceral knowing. Only the ‘Priorness’ can Know the ‘Knowing’ , as ‘Priorness’ has no limitation or ceiling.

DSC01307.jpgThe subsequence of ‘knowledge’ has relevance to it’s level of actualization. This actualization cannot be helpful outside it’s arena of relevance. The priorness of Truth is not in the wheelhouse of phenomenal knowledge.

Phenomenal knowledge, used for purposes of identity is extremely problematic. When identity is hijacked by the mental process to create a doer, thinker, believer, owner, or some such ‘noun’, it dumbs down to illusion, separation, and implicit suffering.DSC01316.jpg

DSC01317.jpgSubsequent phenomenal knowledge, underscored by a false need to know, aggrandizes a false and illusory self. Even this illusory self cannot stand unless it is held up by a constant stream of self-thoughts that prop up the illusion. Silence or in other words, no input given to this false self, is immediately problematic to it’s existence. The need for constant affirmation tell-tales it’s falseness.

Contrarily, ’Suchness’ or ‘Priorness’ is full and has no desire or need to be affirmed. The Fullness by It’s nature, fulfills Itself. Effortlessness is the hallmark of ‘Beingness’, ‘Suchness’, or whatever name we want to give to the ‘Priorness’.
All names and all forms are part of all ’That’.

‘Uncertainty’ is what Is certain. To try for certainty is to fight Self with self. This is a battle that self loses every time. The question then becomes, who wants certainty? There is no one there to want ‘certainty’ except illusion. Our self-made illusion wants certainty because ‘illusory certainty’ gives a seeming ‘more’ to false identity.

This doubling down, reinforces the separateness and the owning of reality. Ownership, doership, and a cultish belief, reveal the falseness of non-Being. The structures that we use to create a false reality presume even a false comfort. When challenged, we summarily react with fortitude and defensiveness. Where is the calmness and equanimity? We passed that up like yesterday’s garbage.

DSC01295 copy.jpgRelaxing in the eternal Moment with no future to secure in any way, is the freedom that only is possible by letting go of visceral knowledge and a pining for some certainty. The deepening of relaxation can be instantly experienced when we give up doctrinaire beliefs.

The comfort of not-knowing is certainly something that is often pushed away, far away, from our daily life. Taken as a starting point for any and every Moment, we can immediately see the simplicity in just Being without the need to reinforce ownership, beliefs, and the finality of dead nouns.

“Thought imagines a knower and a known, but experience knows only knowing; thought imagines a lover and a beloved, but experience knows only loving; thought imagines a perceiver and the perceived, but experience knows only perceiving.” -Rupert Spira

‘Being’ is a verb that has no stops at no time. Here, uncertainty is loved and heralded as the basic design and Truth of the Universe. The ‘not knowing’ is essential to know, as knowing too much results in a predictable blocking of ‘Isness’.

DSC01298.jpgKnowing Self is ‘Knowing’ the difference between Self and self. Knowing the difference, is the difference between Truth and comfort versus unreality and suffering.

Love the Love, Daddy’O

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