IMG_0359Sitting in the full satisfaction of what the Moment offers, in the Moment, is sitting in the Now. The Now, not in time, Is always. Sitting, without a smudge of resistance to everything appearing/disappearing, is the Knowing that Knows. ‘That’ Knowing, is the Knowing of One. This ‘One’ has no peer as it is a peerless verb.

There is an existential satisfaction with being with Being. It Is the quintessential starting point. There is no prior to the Prior. ‘That’ is as far back we can back up as Awareness. ‘That’ is the purity of being an audience of One. The ‘fullness’ and ‘completeness’ of ‘That’ is unfathomable.

IMG_0346In our daily life, we have all experienced being part of some type of an audience practically every moment every day. As a member of the audience it is not generally mandated that the audience member automatically gets involved in what is happening.

As an example, when we witness a car accident, we do not automatically get over-involved with the participants, unless the situation demands it e.g. emergency help. Our witnessing gets muddled when we end up being a participant. Our integrity and value as an unbiased witness, is lost to the degree of our participation.

IMG_0341Whom we Are is the audience of One or, in other words, a witness
of many ongoing appearances, without the compromised over-participation of the character we are playing.

When we lose our home base of full acceptance of ‘What Is’, we embark into the field of commitment to appearances versus commitment to the Silence and Stillness of Being. It is as if our belief demands that we choose one over another. This false choice is made often and more often, than we would like to acknowledge.

The audience of One, never falters in It’s integrity, being Present even when there is no acknowledgement of It’s Presence. The ‘all or none’ ‘thinking’ is essentially the mental process asserting itself to avoid it’s own demise. The mental process gets on a slippery slope when there is a directionality of going into the depth of Being. Fear is a go-to tactic that keeps ‘us’ in place.

IMG_0338The audience of One is commonly seen by ‘us’ as background. As ‘background’, Oneness is Present but It’s fullness is not fully realized.

IMG_0340When Oneness is fully Present, It Is in the foreground. Or maybe more accurately, It Is Everything first, then phenomena, as phenomena is always second. And phenomena is the Oneness when viewed from the Oneness.

IMG_0344“The mind and body are always on a journey, moving and changing, but I, pure Awareness, which knows or is aware of all such movement and change, do not take the journey with them. I do not share their destiny or limits. I never become what they seem to be.” -Rupert Spira

Movement or shifting into the ‘One’ may be sudden but more likely is episodic. As we immerse and acknowledge our Self, we ideally open our channels to greater acceptance of the Moment and everything in the Moment, without qualification. Greater openness meaning less resistance to ‘What Is’.

IMG_0337Seeing what is resisting is helpful in seeing the sticking point. What is resisting is illusionary and phenomenal and absolutely temporary. Seeing those characteristics in our experience is seeing the futility of owning the phenomenal. Owning the phenomenal is owning the temporary which is faux foreground. Essentially, there is no owning. And there is no owning in the One as the Oneness is everything anyway. Ergo, there is no foreground or background.

Being the audience is inherent peaceful comfort of not being disturbed in the slightest, despite the action and consequence of events of the phenomenal. Sitting and resting here is our natural home, a safe and completely solid nothingness that cannot be stained or pained.

Resting in this Fullness Is a deep Peace that cannot be altered by any event. Being in ‘this’ audience is informs the character with a resonance that supplants fear and disquiet. The character understands this resonance as truly Itself rather than the temporary narrative that is rich with pathos and drama.

The Silence and Stillness of the audience of One gives substantive stability to an inherently unstable phenomena. This is the best seat in the house. Front row with all the perks and none of the drama.
Witness ’that’ Now.

Love the Love, Daddy’OIMG_0359

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