In the dream we dream, that the dreaming is being processed through the dreamer. The dreaming is not real. The characters in the dream are equally illusory in their reality and illusory in the reality ‘they’ are in. The purported dreamer is not even real. What is real is the dreaming by the Dreaming.

GP2C2183What is unifying and consistent in dreams, is that there is only one thing going on. And that is the ‘dreaming’. Everything else falls short of ‘Being’. ‘Being’ Is.’Being’ Is regardless of the purported idea of self ‘having’ dreams, characters, events, and/or other phenomena. The ‘Beingness’ that is never static despite It’s inherent stillness, presence, and silence, Is always happening. And at the same time, It Is stillness without change. It Is the aliveness verbing perennially in dreaming or waking states.

It Is ‘Beingness’ that is always being the dreaming, as this ‘Reality’ gives reality it’s reality. The priorness of Being presupposes ‘no change’. The presumed change is presumed. The inviolability  of ‘Beingness’, means that Everything/Nothing is untouched by phenomena.

The point here being is that our ‘view’ or ‘location of identity’ is possibly in question.

GP2C2180.jpgLocation is seemingly determined by thoughts or thinking. The location of thoughts is not in the dream or the mind/body, per se. It is not the dream or the mind/body that witnesses and ‘knows’ thoughts to be ‘thoughts’. This ‘Knowing’ divines the content of the thoughts. Thoughts are peripheral to the ‘Knowing’ and witnessing. Believing we are our thoughts creates a false identity and dis-locates Being from housing everything, to include thoughts. Locating self falsely in the mind/body through identity, is a structural limitation to Being.

GP2C2184.jpgThe consequence of looking from what we are not is oppositional to looking from what we really are. The ground of Being is not found in an illusion. Seeing the illusion, is the start of repairing the distortion of mis-location of self. The correction of never being the noun of dreamer, doer, thinker, see-er, is changing the location of ‘that’ identity to ‘no identity’. That is, no-identity, Is our true identity. There is no ‘noun’ in Being. There is just ‘Being’ without a stop.

The ‘stopping’, through false identity, does not allow the flow of the verbing, the happening, the existing of life itself, to flow freely. Fixating self on the self, ends up pushing ‘Being’ to flow through essentially clogged space, which fails miserably. To flow, openness not density, is heralded as least obtrusive to Being. Locating as a fixed self is a clear impediment to the effortlessness of Being. ‘That’ mis-location, as illusory self, and the pushing that subsequently occurs, is then condemned to believing the dream to be real.

GP2C2185.jpgBeingness never was the dream nor will ever become the static-ness of some noun called a dream. This mis-locating is analogous to a mobile prison. It goes nowhere despite the appearances of change.

GP2C2188.jpgBeingness does not ever demonstrate any thought or effort in It’s Becoming. There is no pushing as It Is always Full. That location, is the perennial location of all locations and at the same time, no location. Being nothing Is Being everything.

Falling into Being is close to free falling off a cliff. There is nothing to hold on to. This moving location can be scary if we create an unnecessary location, commonly called ground.

GP2C2178.jpg“A colourless screen may assume all colours and thus appear as a person, landscape or building, but never actually becomes any of these. Likewise, I, the light of pure Knowing, vibrate within Myself and, as a result, assume all apparently limited names and forms, without ever actually becoming a limited object, self or world.” -Rupert Spira

Freedom is leaving  the idea of a person being the central figure in this waking dreaming,  to ‘no person’. It is about no location and/or a seperate person to be. It Is just Being, period. Adding ‘stuff’ to ‘that’ is just irrelevance. The ‘Love’ that is loving, Is pure Beingness loving pure Beingness. Being  whom we Are, is Being where we Are -here and now with no other place to go to or to get to. All locations are Mine.

Love the Love, Daddy’OGP2C2187.jpg

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